The Hospice Meeting sent me back 40 years

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Thank god it’s Friday! I am first going to apologize right now for still not returned all of your emails and comments. I honestly don’t know if I ever will be able too. So I am going to thank you all right now! I read all of the them and pass along the ones to my grandparents and parents. I kind of need another me to help with the administration stuff with the blog – ha. I am having a hard time keeping up. Yesterday, I sat in on a meeting with my parents and the Hospice coordinator at the Nursing Home and the Hospice meeting sent me back 35 years. It was more of a informative meeting, they just wanted us to have the program details in case we needed it down the road for my gram. I sat there and was like, “how did I get here? How did I go from being a little girl in my grandparents house (which was everyday as a kid) to listening to this lady talk about end of care for my strong, beautiful, weed pulling maniac grandmother (her gardens were always weed free!) ?” 

The hospice meeting sent me back 40 years

My gram starts radiation next week and while she doesn’t need Hospice now, we are trying to prepare for the inevitable. They are going to zap her with radiation in 3 places (her hip/leg and lungs) over the course of the next 15 days and our hope is, it will relieve the pain. It’s not going to cure it but hopefully it will stop the tumor from squeezing her esophagus and relax the leg a bit to help the pain. 

My grandmother’s sisters flew in yesterday to visit with her and she was so excited to see them. My gram grew up in Stowe Vermont and it’s about 4 hours from our house. My gram is the oldest at 85 years old and left Stowe with my grandfather when she was 17 years old. They moved to Massachusetts and long story short, they never left Mass. If you are ever in Stowe, VT, my aunt Allene (on the left), owns Mansfield Dairy and they deliver milk all over the state! They are one of the oldest dairy farms that is still operating. She still has a cute old school dairy store so be sure to stop in and say I sent you!

My grandfather found the conversations amongst the sisters pretty boring and literally slept through most of them. -ha

The hospice meeting sent me back 40 years

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  1. Jennifer Ketchum says:

    I feel for you having to listen to talk of hospice. I did it for my grandmother and mother as well and you do feel like a little girl who just wants to crawl up on their lap and go to sleep.

  2. Sending blessings and God’s love to your Gram, her sisters, and your Grandad. Will remember you all in prayers today.

  3. My prayers are with you all. I loved seeing the new pics of your grandmother and grandfather. You are such a blessed girl to still have them and I’m sure you spend as much time as you possibly can with them both. They are both so adorable and I love reading your stories about them and especially that she got to see her sisters. Wonderful! Life is blessed and good for your family. ????

  4. Sweet Jessica, it is not important that you to respond to the comments – only, that you know you are supported and loved by your readers. Prayers are unceasing for your whole Family!

  5. Please–never a need to apologize or answer our comments. The comments and prayers are meant to lift you up for a brief moment–not to add pressure. I, as well as everyone I’m sure, an so thankful for posts to just know how you are and how the situations are going.
    Your Grandmother looks so happy to have her siblings by her side, and your Grandfather—well–he is the typical male when there happens to be more than one female talking!!
    God bless you and your family and continue to hold you in the palm of His hands.

  6. I started following you a few years ago and have enjoyed reading about all of your adventures (and misadventures). I watched with sadness as your grandfather went from being an active man who went to work every day to the present time where he enjoys his coloring and is often times in a state of confusion. Now reading about your grandmother and all she has been through and is going through again. I pray that you and your family find the strength to get through each day and that your grandparents exit from this world to eternity is a gentle one. I am not expecting a reply from you, I just wanted you to know that there are so many people rooting for you and your family.

  7. Your grandmother and her sisters sure look alike! How nice of them to fly in to visit with her. That’s funny your grandfather slept through it! Like everyone else said, please don’t feel pressured to respond back. I just enjoy reading about how you and your family are doing so I know how to pray for you all.

  8. It amazes me that you even find the time to blog. You certainly have your hands full. Like others said you don’t need to apologize, or have the pressure of responding. It’s wonderful to see your gram smiling with her sisters. Grandpa deserves a nap. Ha Prayers for pain relief for your gram, and the whole family.

  9. Terri Hughes says:

    Prayers for you all. It is in God’s hands, as always. Praying that your grandmother will get some relief from the pain. So sorry that your family is going through so much. God Bless!

  10. I’m sorry that you have to be going through this journey. It’s always so surreal to be involved in that kind of planning and having to make those decisions. How blessed your parents and grandparents are to have your support and wisdom!

    As for your blog, have you considered getting a VA (virtual assistant)? I am a VA and I can tell you that there’s a lot of qualified VA’s out there who could totally relieve some of that stress from you and help you keep things running during this difficult season of your life. Just a thought!

  11. Jacquelyn says:

    I was privileged to work at a Hospice House on the North Shore for five years. The nurses that work these places are the most caring you will ever find in the medical field. The patients all became special to me. Some were able to do their knitting, computer and other hobbies. They all added something valuable to my life. They will all guide you through the process of what is to come, while behind the scenes caring for every little detail and wishes for your grandparents. Hugs Jacquelyn

  12. I just wanted to say, I’m rooting for you and your family. So far my parents are in pretty good health, except the fact that my,mom has diabetes and has had 2 knee replaced. I am not looking forward to the next stage where they are not doing do well. We embrace every day and are thankful for the little things.
    Recently my husband and I moved to Vermont from Kansas and just purchased a home and we are so excited to be living in this beautiful part of the country!

    Keep on smiling thru the tears….sharing your story helps so many people who are going through similar circumstances and those of us who haven’t, but will likely be facing these same issues in the future.


  13. Cheryl Autrey says:

    Sweetie, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. It has brought back memories of what we went through with my grandmother so many years ago. It is so nice to know that Hospis is there when you need it. Please give my love and prayers to your parents. I am so glad your gran got to spend time with her sister. Love and Hugs!! Cheryl

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