Favorite moments from the week + new house projects

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We are working on installing hardwoods in our small foyer, the same flooring that we installed in our family room a couple months ago. I haven’t really felt like doing much in the way of decorating or projects in the last month or so due to my grandparents failing health, hospital trips and now their permanent residence in the big mansion on the hill (the Nursing Home). It’s pretty exhausting emotionally for everyone but it’s worse for them. Anyway, trying to get back into the swing of things as life must go on. In between all the chaos, little moments of life happen and today I wanted to share my favorite moments of the week. I haven’t shared them in a while so today is the day. 

Did you see yesterday’s post? It’s about my gram living in the nursing home and her upcoming radiation treatments. 

Look at what my grandfather is holding. He spotted this in the gift shop at the hospital on one of our trips to visit my gram and he busted out laughing. I had to buy it for him. He shows everyone at the Nursing Home. 

My husband and I rescued two beagle puppies last Saturday night wandering in the middle of the road. This was one of them that would couldn’t get the night before so the next day, we set out looking for her and low and behold, we found her! The animal control officer had to set a cage trap and within 15 minutes, she was safe. Both of them were dumped and now up for adoption. UGH. Some people are so cruel. I mean, who dumps a dog and leaves them? 

I picked up some lattice at Home Depot a couple days ago and I am planning to hide the under part of our camper. Not exactly sure how to fasten it yet but it’s on my list of things to do. 

Favorite moments of the week + thoughts

The kids made homemade slim last weekend and it was pretty gross.

Favorite moments of the week + thoughts

Our baby Murphy isn’t such a baby anymore. He is 1 year and 4 months and looking pretty handsome!

Favorite moments of the week + thoughts

Our Shelby celebrated 9 years last month and while she is getting pretty gray in the face, she is still as quick as ever. She isn’t a fan of riding in the backseat with Murphy so she rides in the front . -ha. Yep, the boys are in the back and the queens are in the front ;). 

Favorite moments of the week + thoughts

Have I shared my parents camp with you all? They just had a cute deck added on. It’s 8 campsites down from our camp. 

Favorite moments of the week + thoughts

That’s it, my favorite moments of the week. We have a few projects in the pipeline, one being the installation of hardwoods in our small foyer off the kitchen and another being a complete curb appeal makeover. We have partnered with an amazing brand and hoping to share more on that soon. I don’t have all the details yet but hoping to have some in the month or so.  Have a wonderful week and ps. if you didn’t see our favorites from the Christmas in July sale and Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, act quick! Things are selling out fast and many of the items in our rooms are significantly marked down. 😉 


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  1. Thank you for the update and I pray everytime of think of your family which is quite often. An awful lot to handle for one family especially when it has to do with health issues. Cute pictures and tell your grandpa that it’s a very funny sign. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. That is a funny sign that your grandfather laughed at! How nice of you to buy it for him. That’s great he shares it with people at the nursing home. I’m glad you guys were able to have some nice family times this week.

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