Have you heard of Lampe Berger Paris?

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Have you heard of Lampe Berger Paris?

I was not familiar with them until they reached out asking if we would like to try a few of their products. Lampe Berger is a leader in home fragrance, offering more than 50 scents that are designed by master French perfumers!

Did I mention the products are gorgeous?

Lampe Berger Paris |

LP Paris has two brands:

1)      Lampe Berger – this is a line of catalytic lamps that purify the air, eliminate odors and add fragrance through a patented process. The lamps are gorgeous and the fragrance is designed by master French perfumers. The lamps come in more than 100 designs and colors at various price points to complement any décor. Plus, there are 50 fragrances to choose from.

2)      Parfum Berger – this is the newest collection, which features a variety of products from fragrance diffusers to room sprays. Parfum Berger is  all about making your space smell amazing – think perfume for your home! Parfum Berger features LP Paris’ most popular fragrances.

I tried products from both collections.

What is Lampe Berger’s mission?

Their mission is to clean the air by eliminating and destroying unwanted odors, fragrance the air durably and decorate the home.

Lampe Berger Paris |

I am sure you are like us, you burn candles and love the smell!

I was so excited to try Lampe Berger because not only do their catalytic lamps clean the air and eliminate odors, the scent lasts so much longer than a traditional candle.

One thing I love about Lampe Berger lamps over traditional candles, is that Lampe Berger’s wick burns clean and you don’t have that black sooty look around the glass like a traditional candle and you also don’t have a big hole in the middle of burned wax.

Lampe Berger Paris |

I tried the Red Cube lamp and fragrance set (which is amazing!) from the Lampe Berger collection & two products from Lampe Berger Paris’ most recent line called the Parfum Berger. The Parfum Berger Collection offers a wide selection of products, such as mini diffusers with beautiful ceramic flower tops, reed diffusers, luxury room sprays, car diffusers and more.

Lampe Berger Paris |

The Red Cube literally made our entire kitchen smell SO good within 1 minute!

The scent was Ocean Breeze and it seemed to last for days in our kitchen!

One of the best features, besides a long lasting scent, is that there is NO open flame (except for the initial lighting).

I don’t have to worry about blowing out a candle after it’s been burning for a couple hours.

Lampe Berger has an exclusive burner, which purifies and perfumes the air indoors like

no other system. The diffusion by catalysis actually destroys odor causing molecules.

Here’s How it Works:

To start, fill the Lampe Berger with Lampe Berger home fragrance, up to 2/3 and allow

the wick to soak for 20 minutes (first time use only)

Light the patented Lampe Berger burner and allow the flame to burn for about 2 minutes,

and then blow out the flame and put on the pretty top.

That’s it!

Once your odors are eliminated and your space smells great, to stop the fragrance

diffusion just use the stopper until ready to use again.

Lampe Berger Paris |

I have used this particular cube three or four times since we got it and you literally only have to light the wick for a minute or so and then blow it out.

I think the fragrance will last forever! -ha.

Lampe Berger is available in  a variety of styles, designs, and materials in order to meet every style.

The collection includes more than 100 lamps that are very affordable, especially for the quality you receive!

If you think of all the money you can save by not purchasing a new candle jar, you will actually save with Lampe Berger.

I chose the Red Cube because not only does it coordinate perfectly with our holiday decor, but it will fit right in with our regular everyday decor after the holidays.

It will be perfect in the kitchen or on a coffee table. One of the products which I have tried from Parfum Berger is the The Rose on a Tray with an orange cinnamon scent and the mini ceramic flower diffuser in Lavender Fields.

The Parfum Berger line includes the cutest gift ideas and they are so easy to use.

I put the Parfum Berger Rose on a Tray in my bathroom and all you do is spray the gorgeous ceramic rose with the spray and the scent lingers for days.

Lampe Berger Paris |

The orange cinnamon scent is perfect for the holidays.

These also make great gifts!

Lampe Berger Paris |

The second product that I’ve tried from Parfum Berger is the Lavender Fields Mini Diffuser (the little pink bottle with the cute rose top) which is now living in my bathroom on top of my mirror where I keep all my makeup brushes, creams and lip stick. It’s the perfect addition to my collection of girly things on my vanity ;). This is perfect for people who don’t want to put in any effort to having their space smell amazing – you just open the box, insert the flower and the fragrance is diffused – so easy!

These little things are so slick and I absolutely love them! I am so happy that we tried these out and I have a couple in mind for gifts as well.

Be sure to check out the Lampe Berger Paris site for a full list of all the styles available as well as their store locator feature to find a retailer near you.

This post was sponsored by Lampe Berger. All opinions and words are 100% my own.

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  1. This is beautiful Jessica and I had never heard of them. Looks like a great alternative to candles . Will definitely check them out!

  2. These look amazing! I love that they burn clean! Perfect after cooking to keep the kitchen smelling fresh!

  3. I have never heard of these products! Intriguing! PS Your photography is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much April! Yes, they are super cool little products and the scent is fabulous!

  4. I love the porcelain white roses! I’ve never a seen a more beautiful room deodorizer! White roses hold a special place in my mom’s heart. I bet she would love to have one of these in her home.

  5. They are so pretty too! I love the little flowers, you could sneak those in with your decor and you’d never even know it!

  6. I love these! The idea of no flame after a few minutes along with a fresh scent would be great in my family room with all the kicked off sport shoes, doggie bed, snack odors…etc. etc. etc ! Thank you. Now, if I can only get my rooms to look as pretty as yours- sighhhhhh! ?

  7. Juanita in OH says:

    Well, I can’t wait to get my hands on this delightful product! I LOVE candles and scents so this is perfect for me. For the reasons that you listed regarding candles is my main concern. I have never heard of this company either. They sound like something Oprah would know about. My husband always worries when I burn candles, he wants to put them out all the time. It drives me nuts. TFS so many fabulous things with us.

  8. Heidi Kisiel says:

    I haven’t heard of this company or product will will need to go to their website and check them out! I am looking for some new present ideas!! Maybe I need to also buy this for myself!! Thanks Jess for introducing this new to me product!!

  9. What a great concept! Love how you spray the flower and the scent lingers. I’d love to buy one. Where can I find them?

    You always have the best home decor ideas!


  10. Oh my, I have one I bought manyt years ago but I had no idea the science behind it. I walked into a mall store that sold them and couldn’t leave the fragrance behind-I had to take one home. I’ve bookmarked the Lampe-Berger page so I can order fragrance to fill it again.

  11. So interesting! I’d love to try this product out since I always have yummy scents in my home but hate to leave a candle burning for hours. Your description made me “almost” smell the scrumptious scent through my screen?

  12. This is such a neat thing! I love the look of them and how safe they seem. Thanks for posting this Jess! I’m going to check them out

  13. That’s so interesting, never heard of these! They look beautiful with Christmas decorations

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