Happy Grandparents Day Gram & Gramp!

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It’s National Grandparents Day! I am so happy to still have my grandparents around to celebrate another special day. My gram joined me on Friday to do an interview with the Huffington Post where they aired us on their live streaming network to talk about National Grandparents Day. My grandmother was amazed at technology and how we could do a live interview via my laptop.

Watch us (her!) in action at the 6:35 minute mark on the video below.

We are going on 6 years now of being a multigenerational family living under one roof and I have learned so much from my grandparents.

national grandparents day

Things about their life as young adults that I would have never known otherwise. One thing is for certain, I would be a millionaire if I had their attitude about money. They grew up during the depression so it’s a part of who they are, saving every bit of money they can and never wasting food. You can imagine their reaction when we took them to their first Hibachi experience a couple months ago. Boy how generations have changed! My gram said, you would have never seen this type of restaurant 60 years ago.

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-11

It’s been a blessing for both my son and them, to be able to spend time together and have the chance to also live together. My gram loves to load him up with cookies and my gramp loves to make him laugh. Hmmm, maybe there needs to be a “great grandparents day” ;)!

Happy Grandparents Day Gram & Gramp! Love you tons!

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  1. Bonnie (BornInaZoo) says:

    My maternal grandparents passed before I was born. I was ten years old when I lost my paternal grandparents and my dad within a year.

    So many people think it’s weird that my only brother moved into my house & going to hurt my single person status. You know what … I’d rather have him under my roof over what people think about me.

  2. Judy Morano says:

    Happy Grandparent’s Day to your Mom, Dad, grandmother and grandfather! Love your blog and family stories! Also really enjoy you DIY and decorating style! When I was growing up my grandmother was my best friend and lived just across the hall from my family.

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