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How To Hang Stockings Without A Mantle

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Many fireplaces have a wood mantel which makes hanging Christmas stockings fairly simple but what if you don’t have a mantel? Today I am sharing how to hang stockings without a mantel and to make matters more complicated, the fireplace is stone!   It makes things a little difficult right?

My friend Jess (yes we have the same name!) has a beautiful living room with a stunning stone fireplace. The TV is mounted on the fireplace but there is not a wood mantel making it difficult to hang stockings so we got busy looking for stocking hanging ideas. 

How to hang stockings on a Fireplace

Jess lives next door to my friend Allissa (you can see Allissa’s Christmas front door decorations here) and a couple days ago, we decided to figure out Jess’s dilemma of where to hang stockings without a mantel. 

Unfortunately tapping a nail into the stone is not an option (normally you would use a nail to fasten hooks into a wood mantel or wall) so we tried Command Hooks with an adhesive backing.

How to Hang Stockings with Command Hooks

How to hang Christmas stockings around a TV

We used 3M adhesive Command hooks (we got on Amazon for under $5) as stocking hangers and fastened the hooks to the backside of the TV which worked perfectly. Command Hooks can be used just about anywhere on a wall, mantel, tv or hanging wall art. 

The cute white knit stockings now had a hook to hang on.

Jess used holiday decor like decorative figurines and Christmas trees in varying heights to create visual appeal and architectural interest on the stone hearth. 

How do you hang stockings without a fireplace?

Command Hooks can be used just about anywhere on a wall, mantel, tv or hanging wall art. We also hung faux garland (you can use real as well) around the stockings which hid the hooks. 

hang stockings with command hooks

Hooks for hanging Christmas stockings

These Command hooks for stockings holders are decorative and would also work if you are hanging stockings or Christmas decor on a wall, bed frame, or piece of furniture like a dresser. These Command hooks are a little smaller than the ones we used and would also work.

To add a touch of outdoors to your fireplace, you can always add fresh or faux greens around the figurines and faux trees. Check out this post, where I grabbed some scissors and went for a walk in the woods and decorated for free with greens to see how easy it is to bring the outdoors inside!

Here is an example below at my friend Allissa’s house where you could use command hooks to hang garland outside around columns or a door.

Pretty Christmas Garland + Greenery: Front Door Decorating Ideas

There are several creative ways to hang stockings. If you don’t have a fireplace mantel, trying hanging stockings on a stairway or hang stockings on a shelf. If you are looking for more holiday decor inspiration or tips on how to hang stockings on a stone fireplace, click through this page Christmas Ideas .

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  1. I love, love, love the way your Christmas stocking looks hanging below the TV. Thanks fr the tips.

  2. Thanks for the tips on hanging stockings! Can you tell me about your friends big tufted couch I have never seen one like it and I love it!

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