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Halloween Place settings 3 Ways + Video {HomeGoods Shoot}

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A couple days ago I shared the fun Halloween cocktail station that HomeGoods hired me to create this past August and today, I am sharing part 2. Halloween place settings can be so much fun!

Here are the 3 settings I came up with.


By mixing and matching black and red halloween plates, this look gives way to an Eddie Munster kind of theme. Super spooky and fun!

halloween-place settings-3-ways


You can’t go wrong with gold and orange. They look fabulous together. A gold rimmed base plate anchors the rest of the display and allows the ability to mix in standard everyday dishware and classy gold halloween plates.

halloween-place settings-3-ways


Black and Copper. Bam! Mixing patterns and colors is so much fun at Halloween. After all, it’s all about creativity right?

halloween-place settings-3-ways

Check out this amazing video HomeGoods made.

All images were taken by Adam Krauth.

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If you are throwing a Halloween party this weekend, try creating a variety of halloween place settings, all different from one another.

Use candy corns, crows and spooky pumpkins to add pops of halloween throughout. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit, after all Halloween is all about the unexpected ;). You can see more of my portfolio here.

*Disclosure: HomeGoods hired me to create these place settings at one of their offsite photography/design facilities. All images/video are owned by HomeGoods.

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  1. These are all so creative Jess! What a fun Halloween party you could have with these gorgeous placesettings!

  2. Jessica,
    All I could think of as I looked at these table settings was… I’ll bet her Grandfather would not sit down with a crow (Raven) sitting on his plate !!!! just made me laugh thinking of the look on his face.