Grandparents + winter blues

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So we still don’t know what is wrong with my grandmother although she says she feels better. She kind of looks better so I’m assuming the antibiotic is working they gave her. The elderly don’t bounce back quick that’s for sure. My grandfather has been sick with a cold as well for the last week and he lets everyone know it. ha. He headed to work today to sweep the floors so he is starting to feel better.

multi generations working together in the workplace
Multi generations working together

That generation has it engrained in their head that they must work 24/7 until the day they die. He has always been a worker. A very hard worker! He doesn’t have to work, in fact, the man is almost 85 years old and probably shouldn’t be working but it keeps him out of my grandmother’s hair and out of mine as well!

My grandmother told me the other day she can’t wait for spring. I told her me too! She can go days without even leaving the house. Sometimes a week. She sleeps until 11am every day and then watches the daytime soap opera’s and stays up all night watching re-runs of shows from the 1950’s and 60’s. Her routine is almost identical every. single. day.! She isn’t a fan of winter but my grandfather is miserable in the winter. Hopefully his mood will boost soon when and “if” the warm weather ever makes it way to the east coast :).

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  1. Sharon Bernstein says:

    I made the chicken and broccoli dish last night with a few adaptations. I discovered I didn’t have any broccoli but I had some mixed veg and some spinach to replace the broccoli.
    it was delicious and easy to prepare. Clean up was done while it baked and after dinner I just had 2 plates and 2 forks to put in the dishwasher. When my husband cooks I have to clean up and when I cook I have to clean up. I love your blog and your relationship with your grandparents. I was very close to mine and wished my family could have done this. Sounds like Gram is in a rut or suffering from the winter blues. This winter has been too long and hopefully sunny warmer days are just around the corner.

    1. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by and glad you love the blog 🙂 My gram is actually doing better, just a cold. So we are happy is wasn’t anything worse. Stay in touch!

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