Grandparents + stubborn + 911 again

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You know something, it’s a crazy thing sometimes living with the elderly. I often wonder if I will end up as stubborn and one sided about help as my grandparents. My grandmother fell yesterday and was on the floor for 2 hours and nobody knew. The sad thing, I was home and had no idea. I was in and out of the house and never heard her yelling. My grandfather returned home from doing errands and is the one who found her. Of course, I called 911 for the 2nd time this year and fortunately, she didn’t have to go to the hospital again. The paramedics helped her up and checked her out and thank goodness, she didn’t break anything. Here we are a few weeks ago at my cousins wedding…..that is my brother in the background ;).

grandparents + stubborn + 911

BUT there comes a time when you have to say to yourself, enough is enough. They don’t get to choose anymore. I mean seriously, had she been wearing a Lifeline monitor or some sort of medical alert system, she could have simply pressed a button and we would have been alerted along with the ambulance service. Up until yesterday, they had the choice about whether or not to have it. I am in the process of researching medical alert systems and which one is the best for their needs. They are not happy that I am insisting along with my dad that they wear one. Hopefully they will change their attitude. It’s not really a choice anymore as my dad told them, it’s mandatory. What is so difficult about wearing a necklace or a watch with an alert button? I don’t get it but maybe someday when I am in my 80’s, I will understand. I don’t know about you but laying on the floor hurt for 2 hours vs. 5 minutes with a medical alert button, well, I think we all know which option makes the most sense. Do any of you have any experience with Lifeline or any other medical alert system?



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  1. CarolAnne says:

    In your research I suggest you look into one that has an automatic “fall” alert in case a fall involves a head injury and they are too stunned to push a button or worse yet, unconscious.

  2. We just brought my 84 year old mother in law home from rehab yesterday from her 4th fall in a year. We also took up all the throw rugs and moved furniture around so she can get around with her walker since she is supposed to use it ALL the time and not lean on the furniture as she was doing. You would have thought we had sold her first born! She was furious! Actually the rehab dr and social worker required it (along with grab bars in the bathroom and a bigger landing at the back door), We don’t understand the stubbornness either. Interested in what you discover about the alert systems. Please post about that :}

    1. Glad she is ok! My gram is pretty good about using her walker but this time, she left it in the hallway and used the wall to hold onto going into the bathroom :(. I will definitely do a post on what medical alert we find!

  3. We got one for my mother in law, who lived in another state, and she insisted that she wore it all the time. I found it in her second home, that she hadn’t been to in over a year. When we were with her and asked about it, she would say that she didn’t wear it when we were around. Fast forward to moving her to an assisted living center close to us, where it was mandatory that all the residents wear one, and they still take them off or fall and forget to push the button. Get one that has an automatic fall sensor and that they do not have to take off to shower. Good luck! You’re doing a good thing loving on them every single day. You will never have any regrets.

    1. I was wondering about them if they had ones that could get wet. Good idea! Hope your MIL is doing well 🙂

  4. Pam Dieckman says:

    I got a med alert for my Mom to wear when she lived with me. I would come home from work and she would not have it on. She decided it was in the way and would take it off. She had a fall and been locked out of the house previously but she would not keep it on.

    1. I know, that seems to be the common problem with these things. They are only good if they are on.

  5. April Simmons says:

    I just LOVE the fact that you have your family “under one roof”! My grandpa was just as stubborn at their age, but once he had the system in place, he had so much worry lifted from his everyday life! Keep up the good work and never stop looking out for your family.

  6. Sorry I don’t have experience with medical alert systems except with our home security system. One night I was home all alone and I got very ill. I pressed that emergency button. The operator stayed on the phone with me until the ambulance came. I can also write volumes on dealings with elderly stubborn parents successfully and unsuccessfully!!!!

    1. Wow glad you are ok! I can join you on the book writing….haha. Sounds like we would make a good team :). Have a great weekend!

  7. First, I love your blog! Second, I am sorry your grandmother fell but I am glad she is okay. And lastly, we use a Philips Lifeline pendant with Auto Alert (fall sensor). I was able to get my loved one to agree to wear one after eight months of pleading. We test regularly and the call representatives are professional and kind. My loved one is now reassured that they can get help quickly. This can be worn in the shower as well. There are many, many options but a local business was offering this system and we have been pleased so far.

    1. I saw that one online that you mentioned! I think it can be a watch too? Glad it’s working out for your loved one. Geesh, my grandparents are such a pain about this. Although, my grandmother is somewhat on board. Maybe the two hours on the floor convinced her it’s time ;). Thanks for letting me know about LifeLine.

  8. Yes, my mom had a medical alert button and at first we had to convince her to wear it. She didn’t feel like she “needed” it. But her balance is poor and it’s just a matter of peace of mind. If not for her, for you.

    She lived with us for nearly seven years before she fell at my sister’s house and broke her pelvis in four places. She has lived in a nursing home ever since as they want someone to be watching her 24/7.

    She fell AGAIN in the nursing home recently and fractured her pelvis again. She did not want to wait for someone to help her to the bathroom and tried to go on her own.

    My mom is 91 and stubborn when it comes to giving up her freedom. Even AFTER fracturing her pelvis this second time she *still* could not understand why she needed help and kept telling me that she was just fine on her own. Aside from tying her to the bed, which is not allowed of course, the staff at the nursing home keep trying to have her use the wheelchair but she fights them to use the walker, and she is sneaky about it! And sometimes even tries to walk without the walker.

    So I think anytime we can bring pressure to bear on them for their own health and safety we need to do that! Having that button will give YOU peace of mind if your grandma should fall again.

    1. Wow! Hope she is ok! You are right about the peace of mind thing for me (us). I hope I am not that stubborn when I am that age!

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