Grandparents + food + winter

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I have been sharing so much food lately that I decided it was time to post about something else. Something about winter does that to us. We love to cook in the winter! My grandmother is loving the fact that my mom and I are doing most of the cooking and she is getting the majority of the left overs. My grandfather is old school and still believes that his “woman” needs to have dinner on the table by 5pm every night. It’s a good thing I am not married to him because I don’t think he would still be alive ;). Lately, all she needs to do is warm up what we have made and violia, it’s on the table by 5pm. He can’t complain right?

my grandfather thinks I lost his extension cord

I personally think he puts on a show to act all tough but there is a part of him that really does believe he deserves to be waited on. I think my grandmother is the only one on the planet that caters to his every need. Oh well, if it works for her, then so be it!

grandparents + food + winter

She told me the other day she plans on staying inside until April. She said there is no need for her to feel zero degree weather. She isn’t kidding either. I think she would be fine for months inside as long as she could watch Young and the Restless and General Hospital. Fingers crossed this year that they get through the winter without getting pneumonia or worse. Thankfully my grandfather is staying home on the really cold mornings and not going to work with my dad. Only 4 more months of cold weather. He hates when I tell him that ;).

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  1. LOL, this made me smile. My husband is like that too. 😛
    I hope it gets warm for all of you soon. 🙂
    Take care sweetie!

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