My grandfather thinks I took his OLD extension cord {sigh}

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Many of you LOVE my grandfather so I thought I would share a little o’l story from earlier this week where he insisted I took his 400 year old extension cord and never returned it. Seriously gramp? My grandfather has had to work for everything his entire life and he grew up very poor. He is extremely protective over his “things” and doesn’t exactly share well. He is always trying to offer up all of his tools to me and he really does want to share BUT I think he has nightmares about them getting lost or broken! haha

my grandfather thinks I lost his extension cord

He clearly didn’t play well in the sandbox as a child and he gets mad at me when I tell him he isn’t good at sharing. I know my family members who are reading this are giggling right now ;). If you follow us on instagram, many of you commented and giggled when I shared the day he flipped out because he couldn’t find his extension cord. He told me a 30 minute long story about how that extension cord has been with him since he was basically born. He makes me laugh that’s for sure!

my grandfather thinks I lost his extension cord

This is the picture I took of him 10 minutes after he was mad at me. haha. I told him smile, this is a blog moment for sure! He said, “don’t you dare!” Sorry gramps. He was even more mad when I took him to his workshop and told him it was right in front of him and he just didn’t see it. You know what his response was, “well you must have just put it back while I wasn’t looking.” I busted out laughing at him and told him “it’s a good thing I love you gramps!”

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  1. Your Gramps is adorable- thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!!

  2. Lol! I can so relate. We are 3 generations under one roof and these are daily occurances. So thankful for laughter! And so thankful for your blog!

  3. Karla Klassy-Griffith says:

    I have to agree with Denise, your gramps is adorable! I love his smile! He may get a bit grumpy with you, but what a blessing he is to your family.

  4. Tracy Meyer says:

    Thank you Jessica for posting this about your gramps, it made my night. He reminds me of my father( he’s not good at sharing either lol) and misplaces things he swore someone took. Your gramps is adorable 🙂

  5. Take it from someone who has lost my husbands Mom and Dad…all of the moments you are living are going to be so very precious. ALL of them. Even the grumpy ones. That’s just life and sharing it with your family is simply the best. Even to the very end of life. Dad died in our home Jan 2, 2013. He had come to live in our home mid-December after breaking his hip and being in rehab for 4 months. So a hard time for him but we are so glad we had him with us and we could take care of him after he took care of us all these years. Mom had died 3 years previously. My mother and sister have lived with our family for about 4 years at that point. Sounds like you appreciate it too and I wish many more families would do the same. They don’t know how much they are missing.

    1. That is so great that you had time with your parents 🙂 You are right, many don’t know what they are missing. I often think, I wouldn’t have experienced 1/4 of the things I have had I not been living with everyone. Life would be so different. I have learned so much more about all of them, like a friend. Sometimes it blows my mind 🙂 Take care and stay in touch!

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