My grandfather hates the snow

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My grandfather hates the snow as do I! Even my dad said Friday night, after we had already snow blowed the driveways twice and shoveled the pathways to the barn, ” I cannot believe we are getting snow again tomorrow.” I told my son and grandfather we were moving to Florida and my grandfather said, “tell me when and I will be ready!” He even offered to buy the plane tickets which for him, means he is desperate to get out of here! haha.

 my grandfather hates the snow

You see my prior to my grandparents moving in with us, they lived in Florida. My grandfather had his own workshop and warm weather everyday. He still has the same amenities here in Massachusetts except the weather. Oh this cold weather makes him crabby. I can’t blame him, it makes me crabby and I am half his age!

 northeast snow storm 2013

This is the third winter that my grandparents have been here and my grandfather finally has realized, he is to old to be outside shoveling snow and walking around on the ice. He has slowed down tremendously over the last year and is really showing his age. It’s really hard to watch sometimes how slow he is and how much his body is deteriorating. I hope once the warmer weather gets here, he will perk up and bounce back a bit. We are longing for these days below where my dad and son mow the lawn together :).

dad and tony lawn

I am sure many of you in cold weather climates agree with my grandfather that the snow is for the birds! ha. I started looking for pretty front door colors online and yesterday I shared our inspiration for our curb appeal project that we will be starting in the spring. Spring will be here before we know it and oh the warm weather will feel good :).


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  1. Absolutely! I don’t care to live in Florida, but I am sick of the snow, and can’t imagine coming back to live in it after being in Florida. Nice post, as always, Jessica. It has been/is a long winter, but spring is coming. Just look at those pictures of the Red Sox in spring training, and dream 🙂

  2. I’m definitely ready for winter to be over! We are starting to get really weird weather where it’s in the 30s one day and the 60s the next, I’m just ready for it to stay in the 60s!

  3. Tell your grandfather I completely understand. The snow finally melted and we are getting more weather tomorrow.


  4. Wow – is that an actual photo of you and your dad clearing the path of snow? And you do this everyday? We live in tropical Australia – so no snow here. I hope the weather improves for you soon.

    1. Not everyday! yikes! Only when it snows 🙂 That is actually my husband helping my dad in the picture but I am usually the snow helper b/c he is at work . ha. I am sure the weather is much nicer in Australia! 🙂

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