Grandfather Adult Day Care Update

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I am really glad it’s Friday. It’s been a long week! If you have been following along on our facebook page this week, you know that my grandfather is trying out Adult Day Care at Salmon Day Health which is in the next town over from us.  We are not calling it adult day care though. I told him it’s a glorified Senior Center that happens to have nurses on staff in case he has trouble with his diabetes. He wasn’t too keen on the idea a month ago, in fact, he refused to try it. So I let a couple weeks go by and one day when he was bored, miserable and disgusted with life so I took that opportunity to tell  him that “I” toured the Senior Center (which I did) and I thought he would really like it if he just gave it a chance.

Grandfather Adult Day Care Camp

(Here he is yesterday waiting for me to pick him up from camp)

He quickly said, “well why didn’t you take me on the tour?”

I laughed and said, “well you didn’t want to go!”

He just rolled his eyes and with his stern tough guy attitude said, “make me an appointment for a tour.” 

So a couple days later, we toured the adult day care facility and he really liked it. He was actually happy to see that he was kind of a spring chicken compared to others and he really liked the staff. He loved the idea of having a hot breakfast and lunch with people his own age and that he could talk to you. Did you see our post about grocery shopping with my grandfather? That is another place he loves to go because everyone talks to him. He has the gift to GAB!

Grandfather Adult Day Care Camp

For those of you caring for your elderly parents, grandparents or a friend, I would encourage you to look at your local nursing homes for Adult Day Health Centers. I had no idea these even existed. I am also shocked at how many resources there are too that help fund these programs. I will definitely do a post soon on how I found this place and which places in Massachusetts have elderly financial support and how to get assistance paying for this stuff. If you do a little digging and spend some time online, you will be amazed at what you find.

Tips Caring for Elderly with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Great idea to enroll in adult day care for socialization

I plan on doing a post soon about the camp and him with his new friends. Until then, keep your fingers crossed his continues to enjoy it! His dementia is getting worse and I am hoping that this will give him something to look forward too. Unfortunately, little things set him off so hopefully he doesn’t end up in a TIFF with another member at camp. -ha. It’s like having an adult child and encouraging him to play nicely with others in the sandbox. Before I go, I wanted to thank all of you who left comments and sent emails with craft ideas for my grandfather. If you didn’t see the post about craft ideas for my grandfather earlier this week, check it out and send over your ideas!  Have a wonderful weekend! PS. Here is a free week coupon if you know of someone who might like to join my gramp at camp!

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  1. Jacquelyn says:

    Look forward to your future post on researching out places for seniors and funding. Glad Gramps is having a good time. Jacquelyn

    1. See if your state has a PACE program. My friend used it briefly before her husband passed of alzheimers. Wished she had known sooner. They pick folks up, take to doctors if needed, distribute meds, everything daily needed and bring them home in evening. Lots more details but she has to work and could not do it alone. Sliding scale on his income. Good luck.

      1. Hi Karen! Yes Massachusetts has something similar and they will help cover some of the cost of daycare too. We are in the middle of getting him evaluated to see what services they will cover. I am going to do a blog post this week on these types of programs 🙂 . What state are you in? I will include the PACE program for readers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I went through this with my mother. I ended up hiring someone to stay during the day while I was at work. That helped for a while but eventually she thought I was taking her home when I got home. And that we were not at home at all. After settling down for the night she would finally realize that we were, in fact, home. She loved music so we would listen to music a lot. She couldn’t remember some of her children or grandchildren, but she could sing all the songs she sang as a child.

    1. It’s such a hard thing to watch and care for a loved one with ALZ and dementia. I have yet to wrap my brain around it. One day at a time and that’s all we can do. Funny you say that about music b/c my grandfather recently commented on the singer at camp and how he enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. neuroticmom says:

    So happy your grandfather enjoys it. My mom has the early stages of dementia and goes to the Sr. Center every day it is open – it is her lifeline. She gets a hot lunch, and can do all sorts of activities, walking, yoga what ever she feels in the mood for. I know the next step will be an Adult Day Health Center so I am interested to hear about your grandfathers experience.

    1. Hi, I am going to do a blog post this week on the facility that my grandfather is attending and wow, it has really boosted his spirits. He loves being able to socialize and he really enjoys the staff. I cross my fingers every morning that he still wants to go b/c it’s such a mood lifter for him. Dementia can be so messed up sometimes! It can shift his mood to being agitated and mad for no reason so hopefully he remembers he really likes this place if that “evil dementia” monster appears! 😉 I bet your mom would really enjoy parts of adult day care. THere are so many different things that they do from enjoying meals together, activities that stimulate the mind, crafts, field trips and even rest periods. It’s a great thing!

  4. I’m so happy that your grandfather decided to give the Adult Care Center a chance. I do hope that he will continue to enjoy going and make new friends. My mother had Alzheimer’s for 10 years before she passed away and my father was the primary caregiver. Although they loved each other dearly, I wish that my mother or my father would have gone to a center to give each other a respite to the other person.

    1. So sorry to hear that about your mom Bonnie. Sometimes I tear up thinking about how much my grandfather has changed and how he many times, isn’t the gramp I grew up with. BUT just gotta keep on plugging along right? My gram prays every day that he will continue b/c she is LOVING him not being home all day! ha.

  5. Oh, Jessica, my heart is so happy for your grandfather (and the rest of your family). It’s wonderful he likes the “senior center”! Being able to talk to others from his own generation is such a good thing and the activities are so good for his mind. If it ever comes to him needing full time care by the staff, that transition will be a bit easier for all of you.

    1. Funny you say that b/c I thought the same thing. Hopefully he will never need full time Nursing Home but yes, it would definitely help make the transition.

  6. Jessica, Do you think your grandmother would like to go too? She may just enjoy the peace and quiet.

    1. My gram is so excited to have him out of the house for 6-7 hours a day! haha. I actually asked her if she would like to go and she said no, not right now. This is good for your grandfather and I will stay home and enjoy my peace and quiet. 🙂

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