Gramps ride to the Emergency Room yesterday

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Getting old stinks. Watching a loved one get old stinks. If you follow us on facebook and instagram, you may have seen my post yesterday about my grandfather. As many of you know, we live as four generations under one roof which consists of my family (me, husband and kids), my parents and my grandparents (my dads parents). I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world but it’s really hard sometimes being one of the main caregivers to my grandparents. They are getting old. Heck, they are old. My grandfather has been on a steady decline for over a year now, probably longer but we are just seeing it be more now. Yesterday I found him in his workshop in our yard on the floor where he had been for a couple hours. The sad thing is, I was home the entire time. He refuses to wear a lifeline alert system (although he doesn’t have a choice now) and if he had been wearing one, we would have been notified immediately once he fell.

Update on my grandfather's trip to the emergency room


Long story short, he was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and after a bunch of tests, he was sent home with a clean bill of health. Well, as clean as you can get at 86 years old. It makes me so sad when I find him hurt, scared and sometimes embarrassed on the floor. He has always been this big strong character in my life and it’s so hard to watch him deteriorate and be vulnerable. This isn’t the first time I have found him on the floor, it happens often unfortunately but this one hit me the hardest. He was so disoriented and confused. That was what upset me the most. He is getting old and it stinks :(.



On a happy note, he was thrilled to see Sophie, his kitty, waiting for him at the door when he got home from the hospital. He absolutely adores his new cat and she brings such life to he and my grams life. My gram actually really likes her too. More on Sophie later but just wanted to update you on my grandfather. Say a prayer that he stays upright for a while! ha.

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  1. The golden years have come to pass, the golden years can kiss my a@#! (I am 65)

  2. We are three generations under one roof (me (59), my twin grown son’s (39), and my Mom(89)), so I totally get this! We’re all concerned about Mom as she gets older, falls, forgets, can’t do what she used to, but we just thank God every day that we are together and we can be here to help her! She is our guiding light and every moment is precious – yes, even the falls, forgetfulness, and arguing!

    1. I can totally relate! YOu are close to my mom’s age and yes, while there are “trying” times, we are grateful that we are all together and able to help. I can’t imagine if my grandparents were still in Florida (where they were living until 5 years ago). Good luck with your multigenerational family 🙂 I love hearing about others who live like we do!

  3. Prayers going up to heaven that Gramps remains upright :o) , cooperates in wearing his LifeAlert thingy, and is clear-headed, not disoriented. My Mom’s Life Alert has been a huge blessing for her, although we had a hard time convincing her to wear it at first. She lives in California and I get to go there on Wednesday, her 88th birthday, to celebrate with her and my brother.

  4. We finally convinced my father-in-law to use a cane. He’s 96 now and his balance is poor. I’m hoping your grandpa will do the same. Love him with all your heart. You won’t regret it. Our prayers are with him and you.

    1. Thanks Sally! Yep, my gramp finally agreed to a cane about a year ago. Geesh, why are they so stubborn! I think it must be the era they grew up in. Maybe I will be a pain in the butt too when I am old but I can’t imagine doing something over and over that brings harm to me. I just don’t get it. ha

  5. Been there done that! Now it is my turn to be old! Hope I make it easier on my children than my Mom did. Life can be so damn hard! But with a loving family, it is all worth it. Thank you for sharing your life with us. It is inspirational and we all need to be inspired to do our best.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Hope you go easy on your kiddos too! 🙂 Hopefully you won’t have too many health issues and you will live a long healthy life 🙂

  6. Gail Martin says:

    Jessica, Please tell him he is in my thoughts and prayers. Yes it does suck. My dad is 83 and lives in an assisted living facility. He cannot live at home because he can’t climb the stairs and the bedrooms and bathrooms are all upstairs. Mother passed away 3 years ago from alzheimers.

    Much love and prayers to you and yours,

    Gail Martin

    1. Oh so sorry to hear that Gail. It’s so hard watching them get old :(. Some days are worse than others though. Today is a good day. Good luck with your dad!

  7. my comments that our meme had a life alert but was confused when she fell and forgot about using it even though we had weekly drills and reminders about using it. and perhaps since you all live under the same roof you could have some baby monitors in his garage for some extra peace of mind. FYI from a reader that thinks gramps is pretty cool,also.

    1. That’s a great idea with the monitor! We will give that a try 🙂 That way my gram can spy on him too. haha. She’ll love that! ha

  8. I cared for my FIL and mother before they passed. I tried so hard, but eventually time takes a toll. I wish your family the best in keep your grandfather upright! 🙂 He seems in good spirits and I am so glad he has his little kitty to keep him company.

  9. Jessica, I find it really great the way you manage to leave: the four generations under one roof! I wish in the near future my mom and mom-in-law make this decision. They have reached their 80th’s and, although they leave alone, each one in a different appartment, they still want to keep things like that. Even understanding they want their freedom, it is hard to see their efforts to keep things up to date at home and having just a once a week help with cleaning. We leave near, but with work and studies is hard to find daily time to go visit them. I sincerely believe that under the same roof this would be easier. Of course, problems and discussions would happen, but really trust it would be less stress and they would not feel lonely! I wish your grandpa and grandma long life! Enjoy them and ask all you can right now, maybe tape them talking about family past. This is always important!
    Even not knowing you, I feel close with these common worries! Thanks for sharing!
    Sunny greeting from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

    1. Hi Marcia! Nice to hear from you 🙂 Good luck with your parents and yes, once they get older, living under one roof is easier. Especially if they are not healthy. It’s always nice to have someone around to look after them. Maybe if you had a space that they could call their own, they might be interested in the “under the one roof” thing 🙂 Good luck and stay in touch!

      1. Tks Jessica! Nice to “meet” you! kisses ML

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