Gorgeous Artifical Christmas Trees Sneak Peek

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I know, it’s a bit early to be talking about Christmas but when you are in the blogging, interior design or photography world, Christmas starts a bit early. We were fortunate enough to be invited to two Christmas Home Tours this year which will start on December 2. We try to do things in stages and hate to be rushed during the holidays so we already have a couple trees up. Our (my) goal this year, is to be done decorating early so I can enjoy Thanksgiving and the entire month of December shopping for gifts and enjoying holiday parties. This year, Balsam Hill contacted us a month or so ago asking if we would be interested in sharing their abundance of Christmas tree selections with all of you. If you haven’t heard of Balsam Hill, they are by far one of the best places to get artificial trees (along with a slew of other holiday accessories) that will knock your socks off with how real they look.

Where to buy a gorgeous artificial Christmas tree

gorgeous artificial christmas trees sneak peek

Here is a peek of our Vermont Spruce from Balsam Hill and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I love how the limbs fall to the floor looking spectacular, like it was just cut down in the woods.

Best balsam hill christmas tree-1

Living in New England, a Vermont Spruce is a must.

Best balsam hill christmas tree-2

In our playroom, we chose the Balsam Hill narrow Froster Fraser Fir. It is stunning. Their True Needle award winning foliage is like no other. The tree seriously looks real.

Best balsam hill christmas tree-3

The trees arrived last week and we have been busy cleaning out the rooms and making way for Christmas decor.

Best balsam hill christmas tree-4

Have you ever purchased a tree from Balsam Hill? You can find their full line of gorgeous artificial Christmas trees as well as garlands, wreaths and more at the Balsam Hill. Each tree arrived in it’s own special box filled with a storage bag for off season storage, detailed information about how to care and fluff your artificial tree and instructions on how to assemble the tree.  Trust me, it’s easy! It took all of 3 minutes to put the tree together. Artificial trees have come along way from when I was a kid!

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  1. sandra kay hayes says:

    I have been wanting a white tree for several years. I purchased a real nice one from Kolh’s ,but took it back because I didn’t think I should spend as much as I did. I have gotten a white one that was very inexpensive and I love it. I hope to have a better one some day, but have a hard time spending a lot on one!! So, I say the white spruce!!! They both are gorgeous and I know you will make them look just fabulous!!! I enjoy seeing all you do and love how you are sharing your life’s together!!!

    1. Hi Sandra! I agree, the white spruce is pretty! I hope you get that white tree some day you want 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate your kind words about our family.

  2. Lisa Stone says:

    Hello! Do you think the Balsam Hill Frosted Fraser looks pretty good in person? It looks pretty full on their web site and on your photos but I’ve heard quite a few people that aren’t happy with their purchases as the trees aren’t full enough or like the online photos. Also, does the “frost” stay on the tree? At $729 (no discount on this line) it’s a pretty high price tag and I’d hate to drop that much and not LOVE it! Thanks, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! For me, the tree is perfect. When you get the tree and it packaged wonderfully to protect it and you will loose some of the faux snow but that is to be expected. The tree limbs come flat and you will need to spread each limb apart all the way around the tree to get the full effect. Mine didn’t come out of the box looking full like it does in my picture, I spent a good 30 minutes really separating each limb and spreading them apart. You really can make it look as full as you want. As with any artificial tree, you will need to spread the limbs. I absolutely LOVE my tree and the faux snow is added very heavily to the limbs, it doesn’t come off with the exception of normal bumping….you might make a small mess on the floor but like I said, that is to be expected with faux flocked trees.

  3. I love your flocked tree. I’m trying to figure out which size to get. Do you like the size you got and how tall is it?

  4. margaret hensley says:

    I love the snow trees
    Where price list.

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