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Funny Grandmothers state of confusion moment {dementia diaries 4}

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Most of the time I am talking about my grandfather and his funny or not so funny moments of confusion. This isn’t really a post about Dementia, just getting old I guess. It’ hard to tell the difference sometimes. Today I wanted to share a quick funny story about my grandmother’s state of confusion. My grandmother for the most part is pretty with it and gets things straight although she has definitely started showing signs of being confused but heck, even I have those days! -ha. As many of you know, my grandmother never had her drivers license and is a home body. She literally will go weeks without leaving the house especially during the cold weather. A couple weekends ago, we all went out to dinner, all four generations plus my brother and his family. My grandmother went to the salon that day and got her hair done and was ready for a night out. – ha

A funny story about a grandmothers state of confusion . Dementia Diaries 4

What you don’t know is that the night prior to us going out, my grandfather mistakenly told her we were all going out “that” night so she was all ready when my dad got home from work and needless to say, she was so MAD when my grandfather got the days mixed up. My dad came into the kitchen laughing saying, “Jess, I don’t know about your grandparents. Your grandfather told your grandmother we were all going to dinner tonight and her coat is on and she has no place to go.” Needless to say, my grandfather was in trouble for a couple hours. -ha. Anyway , the next night we went out and enjoyed our dinner, all 12 of us. My grandmother’s eye site has been failing for a few years but it seems to be getting worse.

During dinner, she looked at me and said,

“Jessie, look at that poor old woman with the white flat hair over there, she can’t even see over the table. That is terrible.”

A funny story about a grandmothers state of confusion . Dementia Diaries 4

I looked in the direction that she pointed to and what do you know, there was a mirror in front of her and she was talking about herself!

She just about died when I said, “gram, that is you.”

I snapped a picture of her in the mirror because I knew this was a great moment in time and a funny memory. Do you see her in the mirror?

My grandfather almost spit out his drink and said, “see, I am not the only one losing my mind!”

She just shook her head and said, “oh no, I starting to act like your grandfather.”  -haha

My grandfather later told me that he didn’t know that was a mirror either and he thought there was someone at the restaurant who looked a lot like my mom. Yes, he was seeing my mom in the mirror. I busted out laughing and told him not to worry, I would keep his secret ;). Be sure to check out our Dementia Diaries on our about us page.


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  1. Love the picture of your grandparents laughing. I have to say this story make me chuckle. You are so right about it being hard to tell the difference between getting forgetful and dementia. I’m pretty forgetful myself. ugh My mom passed away at the age of 94. She supposedly had dementia, I think she was just old. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Did you ever have the chance to get the book “36 hour day”….what a sweet story to share…I feel bad your grandma didn’t ask you about the exact day for dinner plans, maybe next time she will, or you could write things out on a calendar for them. Have a great day!

  3. Juanita in OH says:

    What a great story! I understand because I am in that category with them and when my husband and I have conversations after a while we both start laughing because neither one of us knows what the other one is talking about, pure confusion. At least it is good for a lot of laughs. TFS

  4. My mom is 89 to be 90 this year. She also has dementia. Some days are a struggle. Glad to see you guys have a great sense of humor. Being able to laugh is what makes great memories.

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