Fun Wall Galleries for your home

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Shadow Box Gallery

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  1. Tami Lane says:

    I agree that wall galleries can end up looking cluttered, and I’ve been going for a simpler, cleaner look in my house, but I still wanted one! I ended up using only black and silver frames, and most of my photos are black and whites. That helped reduce the visual clutter while still giving me the gallery I wanted. Now it is a favorite spot in my home!

  2. I love the bookcase gallery. So artsy and cool.

    I believe the best gallery walls have frames in different sizes and/or shapes. If the collection seems a bit cluttered to you, maybe try painting all the frames the same color to unify the group. I liked my gallery wall, but didn’t love it until I painted all the frames and mats the same color white. (It really made a big difference.)

  3. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

    My gallery wall consists of gold and gold/wood frames (like the one above), and I started with a very large framed print (24×36) of a potted red geranium that I’ve had for years. Its’ frame is gold/cream/teal. Then I added other smaller flower prints, a clock, a gold framed mirror and a beautiful ornately framed watercolor painting of an arched bridge over a river that I happened to find in a thrift store. Its’ frame is also gold, but seems to be plaster because it is chipping in some areas. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it – the colors are say spring to me and it is fairly large, 18×24.

    Sometimes, I think you need to start with a large inspiration piece then work from there to create your gallery wall. I also do not agree with folks that think it needs to be symmetrical. My gallery wall is more organic and free flowing. My largest print is not in the center, it is on the far right and the other pieces fill the rest of the wall.

  4. I agree with the matching frames advice! I rounded up all the frames in my house, painted them all white, and used only black and white photos. I love the really colorful, artsy photo walls, but deep down, I am a matchy, symmetrical kind of girl! I have to be able to live with my photo walls every single day, so I have to be true to what works for me!

  5. I was wondering what the paint color of this wall is? I love the contrast between the vintage frames and the paint color!


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