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Sometimes I sit back and think about life prior to blogging and wonder what would life be like? My first priority is always my family and everything else falls in line behind that so I would most likely be doing the same things I am now but without the blog. However, I wouldn’t have been blessed with the relationships I have made blogging. It has given me a creative outlet to express my passions, share our multigenerational home and meet new people. Not only have I met wonderful bloggers, many of whom have become great personal friends, but fabulous people like the girls over at Joss & Main. Guess what, we are having our first Joss & Main sale and it goes live on Tuesday, March 11th at 9pm eastern. 

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If you are not familiar with Joss & Main, they are a premier members-only site that offers limited-time sales on the world’s best brands for your home and life. Their sales usually last just 3 days and showcase distinctive designs and trends, along with the talents of noted influencers from the interior design community. They provide hundreds of home decorating items at huge discounts, some up to 70% off retail. I have purchased many items from Joss & Main and saved hundreds of dollars. You have to watch their sales though which run daily and many items do sell out quickly. If you are not already a member, you can join their site via my “invite” link and it’s totally free.  This will allow you see my curated event as well as others. I do get credit if you use my link so thank you in advance :).

four generations one roof joss and main event

So check back here on the blog, Tuesday March 11th at 9pm and there will be a link live to our sale. New Modern Cottage is all about comfort, style and casual elegance. A style that mixes with most trends and is easily incorporated in any setting. You know I love to mix modern and rustic industrial elements with casual furnishings while adding pops of color through accessories. The items I have chosen speak to that style and you are sure to find something to get your home ready for spring. In the meantime, you can hop over to see the current sales as well. See you Tuesday night!

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  1. I was just looking at Joss & Main’s upcoming sales and was so excited to see yours! Can’t wait! I have bought some awesome stuff there!

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