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My favorite outfits + grandfather retirement

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Today I am sharing a few of my favorite outfits and a quick update on my grandfather. I know, a strange combination of events but sometimes mixing in post topics makes for an interesting read right? So what’s going on here lately? Well it’s zero degrees today, we got about 6 inches of snow over the weekend, my grandfather is wicked crabby and my mom’s horse broke a tooth (well she thinks he did).

Here is my grandfather getting his first Starbucks with my son last week at the grocery store.

My favorite Outfits + Grandfather Retirement

My grandfather has been having a rough 45 days or so. He is getting more and more confused and more agitated as the days go by. This is my grandparents 6th year living with us and every winter, my grandfather kind of changes. Although, this year is more due to his dementia and ALZ.  I know he gets depressed when the cold weather gets here and being 87 years old doesn’t help. My dad told him he couldn’t go to work anymore and that he was all done. After 3 falls in December last year, it was time for him to retire. I know, it sounds crazy “retirement at 87 years old.” My grandfather has worked his entire life and still thinks he needs to but his body is done. Literally. He only worked 10 hours a week at my dad’s work and it was mostly just to give him something to do (he swept the floors). He didn’t exactly agree to retire willingly but it’s for his own good.

Sometimes the things my grandfather says and does lately are so far fetched that it’s like “he’s faking it” but he’s not. It’s so hard to watch him deteriorate but keeping it humorous kind of helps. I can’t help but laugh at him sometimes which makes him laugh too.-ha

On another note, I got this shirt and vest from my son for Christmas and I LOVE this vest. It has a removable fur hood and looks great with jeans and leggings.

My Favorite Outfits

My Favorite Outfits Knot Sweater Top + Vest

Knot Shirt | Vest | Jeans | Boots (mine are old but these gray boots are similar)

On another note, I live in these jeans. Is that bad?

My favorite fall outfits (jeans + sweaters)

Jeans / Ugg Boots | Scarf | Sweater 

My favorite fall outfits (jeans + sweaters)

Jeans / Boots

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Did you see my last post about my grandfather and his Epic Fight with the BeltIf you like cute stories about my grandfather, this is a good one.

The epic fight with the belt

Hoping to get my grandfather out of the house today so he isn’t driving my grandmother crazy. Now that he can’t go to work with my dad, he is literally going nuts. He likes to go get coffee through the drive thru at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts so hoping to get that accomplished this afternoon ;). Be sure to check out our dementia diaries series and our new fashion page for more outfit inspiration.  This post also contains affiliate links for your shopping pleasure.

Meet Jessica

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  1. I appreciate your loving heart for your Grandparents. Here I am 73 years young, took care of my mother 18 years ago for four years. She had some memory problems due to some brain surgery but only lost some of her short time memory for awhile then went into full dementia. I felt it was such a gift caring for her, albeit not always easy. I hope in my old age and my husband.s there will be a loving son, daughter -in-law, or grandchild to be there for us. One never knows……… Thank you for your loving care of your family. Bobbie

  2. I know how helpful laughter can be in many situations, so continue on with it. I LOVE the stories about your grandpa. My husband retired almost two years ago at age 72 and has been different ever since. It seems as though the bright light on his face has turned to gloom. He keeps telling me there is nothing wrong…I just keep praying for him. Those are some wonderful clothes that you received for Christmas and they look great on you. TFS.

    1. Hi Juanita! Sorry for the late response, I was traveling for work and then got sick! πŸ™ I hope everything will be ok with your husband. It’s such a hard thing to literally “have a life change” in your elder years. My gramp is struggling but we enrolled him in an adult care / senior center kind of place a couple times a week for him to go and hang out, have lunch with people and do some activities so hopefully that will help! Have a great rest of the day πŸ™‚

  3. I love reading your blog. The love that you have for your parents & grandparents shines through with every post. After my dad died in 2005 my mom moved in to an addition that we had built on our house for her. At the time she was 56 and my son was 7. They have been able to spend so much time together and my son has loved growing up with his Grammy living here. I remember when she moved in he asked if she was going to have our last name now. LOL. There aren’t too many people I come across now that has more than one generation living with them so when I found your blog I read everything on it and look forward to the updates. It’s not always easy, but it’s so worth it.

    1. Hi Jen, that is funny about the last name :). My son too, has had the fortune of being with his grandparents (plus greats) for the last 8 years and my hope is that it will help mold him into a caring and family centered person. I am so happy you stopped by, I always love hearing from others who live in a multigen home πŸ™‚ Stay in touch and thank you for your kind words.

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