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Happy Saturday! Just stopping in real quick to share some family updates and what has been going on around here. December traditionally starts to get a little chilly here but we have been lucky, we’ve had a few nice days above 50 degrees. I hope that doesn’t mean we are in for a horrible winter though, like last year. I can’t handle another 100+ inches of snow. So what’s been going on around here? My grandmother is insisting on her tiny tree again this year for their TV room. Last year I setup a 2′ tree and she thought it was the best thing ever. They don’t have a lot of space for a larger tree so I will be helping her decorate her itty bitty tree this weekend. I think she will like something decorated like this dwarf boxwood tree in our kitchen.

December 5 boxwood tree: family updates: multigenerational living December 2015

My grandfather posed with his kitty Sophie this week for a newspaper article featuring Sophie’s long journey in a kennel and how she has now found her forever home. So sweet! We can’t wait to see the article.

family updates: multigenerational living December 2015

My shoulder is healing and I am on my 6th week of physical therapy. I don’t know how anyone would recover from shoulder surgery without physical therapy. It’s so expensive though, thankfully we have health insurance but for those who don’t, I can’t imagine paying out of pocket for it. Although, our deductible is huge so we essentially pay of pocket until that is met. My mom has been working with a few different insurance companies for my grandparents, trying to find the most affordable senior option and plan that is conducive to their needs. Ugh. Health insurance is a topic for another day!

These guys, they are loving the rug in front of our barn doors we recently installed in the kitchen. I shared this on our instagram page and it was a hit. Do you follow us on instagram? Click here to follow and check out what goes on during the week in our house.

family updates: multigenerational living December 2015

We headed to the tree farm last week with the kids to pick out a Christmas tree and I think the highlight was the homemade donuts. It’s so much fun during the holidays visiting tree farms and browsing through their gift shops and enjoying the holiday cheer.

family updates: multigenerational living December 2015

Our town has a full day of holiday parties, events and fun things to do all over the town today which we will be heading to soon. They have a trolley that takes you all over town from 10am-4pm visiting local sites all decked out for the holidays and then later, the town tree lighting and Christmas caroling. My mom is cooking a huge dinner tonight so we are definitely looking forward to that! Happy weekend!


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  1. Hi there ,I am from Scotland my husband and I are living in Turkey at the moment,it is 19c here today and a bit cool if you are out of the sun,I have been busy putting up my Christmas tree so am a bit homesick today,love you little box tree it looks so festive your grandmother is right you need a tree! Merry Christmas to you and yours ps love the new kitchen doors x

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