Family Time at Hibachi Restaurant + grandparents update

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This past Sunday we managed to round up our entire family including my brother’s family and head to our local hibachi restaurant for lunch. My grandparents are finally back to be healthy, meaning colds are gone and the dreaded pneumonia virus has left the building! What a horrible winter for sickness in our home, the warm weather is such a refreshing feeling.

family time hibicachi restaurant +  grandparents update

My grandparents have never been to a hibachi restaurant so we thought it would be time to take them, everyone needs to experience eating with flames shooting to the ceiling right?

family time hibicachi restaurant +  grandparents update

My grandmother’s head of white boofy hair makes me laugh in that picture as it stood up straight when she saw the fire ;). hehe.

My grandfather attempting the “pout” face.

family time hibicachi restaurant +  grandparents update

They were fascinated with our chef, he was pretty funny ;).

family time hibicachi restaurant +  grandparents update

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-5

The kids always enjoy the show performed by the chef and talk about for days.

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-6

There was so much laughter that my mom said to me when we left, “I don’t think I have seen all of us laugh that much at one time.”

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-7  My dad of course had to sit next to my grandfather to explain the menu and what to order. My grandfather was mortified when he saw the cost of each dinner. I knew he would be, that is why this was a Christmas gift to he and my grandmother from us. Gift cards are a wonderful thing for those loved ones who normally wouldn’t spend extra money on a fun dinner like this.

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-8

My dad and grandfather watching my sister-in- law drink the sake from the bottle that the chef was squirting in her mouth. Man that girl cracks me up! My grandfather almost fell out of his chair watching her ;).

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-9

Shifting sides of the table, one of my step daughter’s decided to take a try at the “baby bottle” non-alcoholic raspberry soda. Lets just say, we all laughed hysterically at her and for those of you who know my step-daughters, I am sure you know which one opened her mouth to take a try ;).

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-10

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-11

My dad catching the vegetables in his mouth. My grandfather wouldn’t try, he was afraid to choke and end up in the hospital again.

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-12

My brother, my niece and son.

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-13

It was an eye opening experience eating hibachi style for my grandparents and fun was had by all. Here is my brother showing my grandfather something on the internet via his phone. My grandfather is always so curious about our phones and how they work. I guess I can’t blame him, they didn’t even have electricity when he was a kid in their home.

family time hibicachi restaurant grandparents update-14 If you are looking for a fun family dinner that will surely make everyone laugh, try a hibachi restaurant. It only took my grandparents to be in their 80’s to finally experience it. Family time is very important to us and this is certainly a day that we will all remember.

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  1. I was just thinking about you today, Jessica, and that I should stop by, when your pin showed up! Always love seeing your family times, especially the great pics of smiles. So, so glad you all have this time together. Nothing beats it! Thanks for sharing.

    (My mom made her 94th bday on the 14th, but the Alzheimer’s is progressing. Enjoy your grands–I know you do.)~Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce! So glad you stopped by to say hi 🙂 94!!!! Holy smokes, that is great. Sorry about the Alzheimer’s, my mom’s mom that lived with us until she passed away 2 years ago had it as well as dementia. She died at 92 and oh my word, the last few months were tough to see her like that. Thanks for stopping by and have enjoy your long weekend 🙂

  2. We have one of those restaurants close by and our oldest grandson always wanted to go to the restaurant ‘with the fire’ anytime we asked him his preference. Once the chef tossed a shrimp down my blouse. Luckily we were with family. Glad everyone is doing so well.

  3. Patricia Mason says:

    What a lovely post ! Seeing your grandparents laughing so hard, and just enjoying everyone so much is priceless !! You are so blessed to have all those wonderful generations together – think what a wonderful life experience you are giving your children ! I only wish that I had that opportunity when I was young, or that I could give that to my children now….Good for you – you are doing the right thing ! Nothing in the world is as important as family……

    1. Thank you Patricia for your sweet comment 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by and hope you are enjoying your holiday!

  4. brought back memories of taking my parents to Bennehanas for my daughters birthday dinner. what fun. they lived on the other side of the country so sharing this much fun for a specific celebration was extra fun.
    keep your family on their toes. the looks on their faces is too precious.

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