Family Movie Night {a gramp favorite}

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Do you guys have family movie night? We try to on a regular basis but sometimes it doesn’t work out for all of us to join in. My dad, grandfather and son are the kings of movie night. Some how in the midst of all the chaos around here, they manage to find time to watch a movie at least once a week together, sometimes more. I am always in charge of the food regardless of whether or not I am involved in watching the movie. On of our favorite things to eat on movie night is Ellio’s Pizza. Ellios has been around for generations and I grew up eating it as a kid.

Ellios is indeed, a family favorite with my grandfather and my son probably being the number one fan.

Family movie night + pizza

My grandmother loves it because she doesn’t have to prepare it, it’s simple enough for my grandfather to make on his own. All he needs to do is turn on the toaster oven. That’s it!

Family movie night + pizza

I love it for the kids because many times, we are running late for an appointment or baseball practice and we don’t have a lot of time.

Family movie night + pizza

Ellios pizza is versatile too. It’s perfect for a quick snack or even a dinner paired with a delicious homemade salad.  All Ellio’s Products are made with real ingredients – like 100% real cheese and no artificial ingredients. That is definitely an added benefit. Movie night or “movie day” is just half the fun, the other half is having yummy treats with it! Paired with popcorn and your favorite drink, Ellios pizza has you covered for a fun family movie night. Check out more Ellios pizza fun on their Twitter and Facebook page. Not sure who sells Ellios? Check out their Ellio’s Pizza Store Locator.

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