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A couple weeks ago I did a test on facebook by posting questions at certain times of the day and asking everyone  comment in an effort to  find out how just how does facebook fan pages work. Some of you may be wondering why I am even writing about facebook results and my silly little test but many of you asked for me to share the results so here I am. I actually did learn a couple things but nothing earth shattering. The words algorithm and edgerank were making my head spin and still do. I suggest googling the terms for a definitive answer but basically, it’s how facebook determines “what” and “who” you see on your facebook newsfeeds.  To you readers who could careless about facebook, I’m sorry.  I promise, I won’t be doing many of these posts because I barely understand social media stuff as it is, never mind sharing a post on it :).

Anyway, many of you know that facebook now determines what “you” see in your news feed based on your activity ect. with that particular fan page. Many bloggers posted a couple weeks ago that you can now create a “list” with all the fan pages you want to follow. Great. I actually did that and it’s nice to just click on the list name and see every fan page that “I” want to see. However, something very interesting happened when I did this test. It seems that the post I did first thing in the morning, at 7am, was seen and continued to be seen the most.


As you can see, this post was liked by 496 people and 384 comments. Now I don’t know about you, but my page has never seen that many likes and comments ever. What I learned was that every time a comment is added, it bumps that post to the top of the news feed (top stories). This post continued to get comments from people who were not even fans on my page. So what did I do, I responded back with my personal page to every comment that someone left. Essentially creating a conversation within the comment field. This went on for a week!

TIP 1: comment and like your own post (status update) with both your personal page and fan page. Specifically, comment with your personal page to keep bumping your post to the top of news feeds.

This next update was done at 10:30am. Not as popular but still 70 likes and 45 comments.


TIP 2: Call to action! Ask people to comment. Tell them what you want! Obviously, more people commented because I said I was doing a test and needed help. I’m sure if I did this everyday, I would be “unliked” 🙂  You can see I was getting a little crazy tagging facebook and Mark Zuckerberg in the post. Hmm, do you think they saw it ? I ‘m thinking no. ha.

Lastly, this post was done at 3:30. This time I did a goofy post with our dog asking Mark Zuckerbergs dog to help us out with algorithm and edgerank.


The least popular post with only 37 likes and 21 comments.

So what did I learn? I have found that posting first thing in the morning gets the most responses throughout the day.  Like your post with both your fan and personal page. Comment on your own post with your personal page to keep bumping it to the top of news feeds and ask people to comment! Honestly though, after all this craziness and all these comments on my facebook page in one day, it brought a wopping 15 page views to my blog according to my google analytics. In my opinion, facebook is great to chit chat throughout the day with your friends, fans and followers but that is it.

Ok, I have done my due diligence and shared the facebook results. After all that, do you follow me on facebook? You can follow me here . This week I am finishing up tiling our bathroom, adding some character to the bare walls and doing some decorating in the model home at our workplace.  I cannot believe it’s Tuesday already. ha!


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  1. Good to know! Social media is the reason I will never be a big blogger (that and my lack of commitment, but it’s easier to blame it on social media.).

  2. I use Facebook and Twitter but I’m definitely not very good at utilizing Facebook yet. Twitter has definitely helped strengthen my bloggy relationships though!

  3. Thank you for your research, it’s good to know! Though probably not everyone works the same, I think I get more response when I post late in the evenings (when the kiddos are in bed and the parents are free to peruse?). It’s so discouraging that not even 25% of your fans see what you post, even less interact, and so little actually visit the blog. Maybe it’s time to focus on an other social media…

  4. Wow, Jessica, thank you for doing all of that research and sharing your findings. Pretty darn fascinating!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!


  5. I can’t believe I wasn’t already following you on FB! I am now. (-: Malia

    1. Thanks Malia! I can’t keep up with facebook and all the social media and following. Half the time I think I’m following people and I”m not. So much to keep up with 🙂

  6. This is really interesting! Thank you for posting this, some great info in here. What’s funny, is that I remember the day that you did this and I saw the first two posts but never saw the one with your dog. Facebook is so funny sometimes.

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