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So our little Murph Man has been settling in to the new house but seems to be eating everything in site! Any suggestions or thoughts on why this is happening? He is on a grain free limited ingredient diet which is super expensive I might add but he has allergies and his ears get super infected and gets red bumps on his belly. The food he is on now seems to work great …..knock on wood (Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Grain Free) but he is obsessed with eating the leaves outside. I don’t get it? Anyone else have this with their dog? 



He also is obsessed with socks. Like eating them whole and then thankfully pooping them out days later. We are so diligent about keeping the doors closed to the laundry room and picking up the socks off the floor but he is sneaky. He knows where they are , even when we don’t! He only likes my dad and husbands dirty sweaty socks. It’s so gross!!


Here is the cute little bugger when we got him 2 years ago this month at 8 weeks old.

Unfortunately, he ate one last week and started vomiting this week and thankfully, a poopy sock came out hours later but that would have been awful had we had to bring him to the vet for surgery. I honestly didn’t even know it was a sock that was causing the vomiting as we never allow him near the laundry room.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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  1. Nancy visgatis says:

    My suggestions: Katey Kintzer a Sutton dog trainer at Namestay dog training for this behavior & add bee pollen twice a day to his feed ,, local corner store has it ,, have him take it year round and switch to a wet food same brand βœ…for allergies perhaps changing the protein ,, of on chicken try lamb or salmon

  2. Hi Jessica, quite the dilemma with your furbaby. One of mine had a horrible time with allergies, eating grass and other varieties of greens! After trying several different foods, we settled on Fresh Pet and the problems stopped. Of course all furbabies are different but this worked for ours and her little sister loves it too!

  3. Jennifer Ketchum says:

    Better than underpants…my daughters dog did that constantly…trouble is it could cause a blockage.
    Ask your vet but in the meantime…try to watch him and hide the socks.
    Good luck

  4. Audrey Johnson says:

    Is he a Shar pei? My parents had one who looked just like that. Great dog. They did not have that problem with theirs.
    Wish I had some good, really profound advice for you. I hope others can offer some useful suggestions.

  5. The Fresh Pet suggestion is good. I have fed mine raw for years. Kibble is awful for dogs, just read the ingredients.
    Eating socks, etc. can be so dangerous, causing serious blockages. Be diligent.

  6. Jessica,
    Our dog is half boxer. She developed allergies like what you have described and she can only eat Blue Buffalo Lamb and Brown Rice. She has not had a problem since we switched which was years ago. When she was young she liked to chew also. We bought Granick’s Bitter Apple Spray and sprayed the legs of all our furniture and various other things. It worked! I hope these two tips are helpful to you. Here is the link:

    1. THank you so much! Someone else mentioned the apple spray too . Will be hopefully getting a handle on this soon!

  7. Juanita in OH waiting for Spring says:

    My advice is to “CALL CEASAR , DOG WHISPERER!” I don’t own any pets but that is what I would do to end the problem once and for all. I LOVE Ceaser. All the best with this.

  8. My dog seems to need veggies in her diet: if I don’t make sure she has veggies, preferably green, she starts chewing on houseplants (usually poisonous) and grass. She seems to have a stomach of steel, but I still prefer that she stick to non-toxic! I make sure to add veggies to her food. Cooked spinach or kale (preferably cooked with meat or in broth, from the dogs’ perspective), frozen whole green beans (popular treat), peas (frozen, fresh, or cooked; whole or shelled), broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin…

    I’ve heard bad things about Blue Buffalo lately, widespread contamination/tainting, etc. I feed my Abby (who is much smaller than a bull mastiff, to be fair) Honest Kitchen. I like it because it’s human-grade, and it turns into a paste/soup that slows her down so she doesn’t choke on it. Sojos raw salmon (comes freeze-dried) is popular here, too, and they make a variety of other raw formulations if you want to try that. Also expensive, but you’ll probably find that your dog needs to eat a lot less of one of these to get the caloric/nutrient value of a kibble (and poop a lot less, too!).

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