Cucumber Infused Water with Strawberry

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Are you loving the infused water craze? I have been seeing infused water drinks everywhere on pinterest and the internet. Cucumber infused water with strawberry paired with mint tastes great and I am sharing this easy recipe today over on the HomeGoods blog, Design Happy.

Cucumber Infused Water with Strawberry and Mint  Summer refreshment

cucumber infused water with strawberry

I love these mason jars that I picked up at HomeGoods. I think they have seen every kind of drink!-ha. Come say hello and check out this yummy recipe that takes all of 5 minutes to make. Strawberries, cucumber, mint and a splash of lime all pair nicely together.  A few other fruits pairings that I like to add to my water are strawberry/Orange and Raspberry/Lime/Mint. These are all refreshing mixes and perfect for the summer.

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