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Creative DIY Sliding Doors {tutorials}

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A DIY sliding door is a creative way to dress up a built-in or a door way. Many built-in’s have beautifully styled shelves but sometimes you need closed door shelving to hide the “not so pretty” everyday items. We had an existing built-in which had a rather large opening that served absolutely no purpose. We are short on closet space so last year, my dad and I built DIY barn {closet} doors and created our own DIY sliding door decorative element. Sliding door hardware would have been ideal but the cost of $1500 was not an option. We opted for aluminium strips purchased at Home Depot, large bolts and black spray paint to make the barn doors appear that they were a sliding barn door.

creative diy sliding door

One of the best things about these doors is that they open and we store our coats inside. Be sure to check out our three step tutorial on how we built these barn doors as well as how we assembled the aluminum strips to create the sliding door illusion.  {Step 1, Step 2, Step 3}.

Another DIY sliding door that is a favorite of mine is featured on the Lettered Cottage constructed by one of her readers. I couldn’t find the door anywhere on her readers blog so here it is from Miss Layla.

Creative DIY door ideas

I agree, her husband is a genius for coming up with an inexpensive sliding door hardware solution.

Again, another husband coming up with this fabulous sliding door for their master bedroom.

creative diy door idea for a bedroom

House Tweaking

Lynne from Lynne-knowlton hung this old door with DIY sliding hardware and I think it is perfect!

creative diy door ideas

I love the hardware in this next photo.

creative diy door ideas

Maillardville Manor

Adding a DIY sliding door to any room, wall or built-in is a creative way to add unexpected character to any room. Doors can be tiny or large, if you are trying to conceal something regardless of the size, a DIY door is a creative way to accomplish that. I am currently working on a pair of DIY doors for another built-in area near our back door. I am hoping to share those with you soon. In the meantime, I challenge you to think about where you could add a DIY door, sliding or not, in your home. Our DIY barn {closet} door was one of our first family projects together. My dad, grandfather and I definetly shared some fun moments constructing them. If the idea of making a large door intimidates you, start with a tiny door for a bookcase or even a picture sized one for the wall. You can also see our tiny DIY door tutorial that we made for our peninsula.

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  1. Hi Jessica !

    Thanks for sharing my DIY door track ! It is a great money saver to do your own, isn’t it?

    Another option to try : We also found that if you go to a farm supply store and bought barn door tracks ~ it was also super inexpensive. Coolio !

    I love the whole concept. Like ART on a wall. Divine !!

    Cheers and have a FAB day !!!

    Lynne xx

  2. Love, love, love this post! Your doors are AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much for inspiring me today!


  3. Can we use our existing hinged, solid wood door as a barn door style with sliding hardware? thanks

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