Christmas DIY decorations

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Christmas has come early this year for us. For the past month or so, I have been gathering some Christmas DIY decorating ideas for our tree.  I was contacted by Home Depot during the summer inquiring if I would like to be a part of their “holiday design challenge”. Gee, I don’t know. Of course! About a month ago, a gorgeous pre-lite tree and boxes of Christmas tree decorations arrived. I normally don’t start thinking about Christmas until right before Thanksgiving but this year I started at the end of summer. My grandfather said to me last week once the tree was up, “what the heck are you doing and why are you putting up a christmas tree?” I laughed and told him it was for a Home Depot blog post and he proceeded to tell my gram that I was crazy. He still doesn’t understand what a blog is but he is starting to realize that our address is a regular stop for the fedex truck. He wants to know when he starts getting free stuff :).

Home Depot Style Challenge: Holiday Edition


This weekend I started decorating our tree and thought I would share some of Christmas treats that I have gathered over the course of a few weeks with you!

Easy DIY christmas tree ideas

This tree is absolutely perfect. How about spray painting or adding glitter to some wooden or foam letters?

Lettered christmas ornaments

Country Living

 Glass ornament bulbs strung together would add such a gorgeous pop of color to any tree.

diy bulb ornament garland

Source unknown

As a kid we always had tinsel on our tree but as I got older, my mom switched to festive colored ribbon. I love how this tree has the ribbon cascading from the top.

bhg Ribbon garland


 Sarah Richardson is one of my favorite designers and I love how she used just sparking glass ornaments with hints of blue throughout.
sarah richardson christmas tree
I remember seeing Beth’s tree last year and thought her idea of creating photo tag ornaments was very clever and inexpensive.
diy tag photo ornaments
How about adding some faux flowers instead of garland.
floral christmas tree
Burlap and simple oversized ornaments says country cottage to me. The antique wheel covered in garland isn’t to shabby either.
casual cottage christmas tree
What I love about this next tree are the oversized ornaments with glass icicles. I don’t have a lot of large oversized ornaments but I think I may get some. I am loving this look and it seems to be a popular trend this year based on all of the ornaments I have been seeing in the stores.
glass icicles and white ornament christmas tree
country farmhouse diy pinecone garland
I love this natural Christmas tree from Just a girl. Ribbon is such an easy way to add elegance to any tree and is fairly inexpensive. In my opinion, you get alot of bang for your buck with ribbon. 
natural christmas tree
elegant ribbon christmas tree
Has anyone else started decorating there Christmas tree? haha. It’s not to early though to start pinning  some beautiful Christmas tree ideas as well as organizing your Christmas boxes! I am actually kind of excited that the tree will be done early. I will have extra time to decorate another tree in the house :).
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  1. How exciting, Jessica! Can’t wait to see all your Christmas decorations. x

  2. Oh so many gorgeous trees! I’m soooo excited for Christmas and decorating, I’ve found myself humming carols lately. Can’t wait to see what you do! 🙂

  3. Great collection of ideas Jess! Pinned, tweeted, and shared! 😉 I so understand G-pa’s “what the heck is a blog???” thing! hee, hee, hee

  4. I can’t wait either. Now I want to put up a tree. 🙂

  5. Gretchen Short says:

    your actual trees are great. Are they real or artificial? I need an artificial douglS fir or old-time looking feather tree that is 8foot. Any ideas?

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