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Our campsite and home for the summer

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A few days ago, we purchased a camper and decided to give camping a try on the lake. I realize some of you may be saying, you don’t “camp” in a camper but that’s how “we” camp :). The site we rented for the summer is a beautiful spot directly on a lake but the site itself needs some work. When I first took my husband to look at it, he was at a loss for words and said, “I am not staying here.” I convinced him to see through the mess and envision clean stained decks and the yard free of weeds and debris. Keep in mind, if you read our post a couple days ago, you know he is a city boy who is afraid of bugs. Most everything is structurally sound, it just needs to be power washed and a coat of paint/stain added. We have our work cut out for us but with a little DIY know how and enthusiasm, I think we can make this spot beautiful. This is the view from the boat dock.

our campsite and home for the summer-3

I know, for those of you who know my husband, you are giggling right now. The gentleman that rented this seasonal spot apparently had been here for years and recently had to leave the spot. It’s a bit run down but nothing we can’t fix.

our campsite and home for the summer-4

A side deck that needs to be re-braced underneath and stained.

our campsite and home for the summer-5

The back stairs leading to the deck where the camper will be. All of this stuff will be removed and the entire underneath will be cleaned out and re-braced as well. It’s a perfect spot for storage.

our campsite and home for the summer-6

The view and size of the lot is what sold us. The sagging deck below will be removed and we are planning to build a new one. It is the most amazing spot to sit. My mother can’t wait to have her morning coffee on the deck ;).

our campsite and home for the summer-7

The view from our private dirt road where our camper will be.

our campsite and home for the summer-8

The deck above, where the camper will be, also needs to have a few of the rotted boards replaced. our campsite and home for the summer-4 The view from the dock. This is the deck that we plan on removing and replacing. our campsite and home for the summer-2 The boat dock. our campsite and home for the summer Are you scared? I know my husband is! I told him to have a little faith in his wife and father-in-law and it will be fabulous in no time :). So what do you think, are we crazy for choosing this campsite or is this a diamond in the rough? Be sure to checkout our home and projects board for more DIY fun summer projects.

Update: click here to see full campsite + deck full reveal {before and after}

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  1. I think it’s great, but if you’re renting it why do you have to fix it??

  2. Paulette Barber says:

    Looks like a wonderful place to spend the summer. I’m sure you will soon make it a beautiful place to be!

  3. Beautiful site…I can’t wait to see this completed..Will the owner of the property give you some kind of credit, at least for materials?

  4. Looks great!

    My husband throws the idea of a camper around every now and then. I haven’t been convinced yet, not because I’m opposed to it but because I’d actually like to complete the house we are in (and get the driveway paved, and the landscaping in shape, and build a fire pit and finish the raised patio…)

    My sister has a camper at Ellis Haven, her family loves it.

  5. The view is fabulous, Jessica! Just fabulous. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. What a great idea!

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