Braving the first storm of the season + batman gramps

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Like many of you, we are braving the first real snow storm of the winter. We have been so fortunate here in Massachusetts to have had minimal snow until now. We are expected to get 2 – 3 feet which will send my grandfather over the edge, literally. Every year I post about him and how he hates the winter. You can read more about that here and here.

He is ready though! Can’t you tell?

snow storm 2015 + grandfather batman hat

gramp batman hat-2

gramp batman hat-3


I know many of you love my grandfather so this post was for you ;). He has told my grandmother 15 times already since yesterday that he wishes he was in Florida and it’s all her fault he has to live in Massachusetts with us. haha. Chances are, we will loose power and internet for the next couple of days. Luckily we have a generator so we will be blessed with electricity and heat! Stay safe friends and be sure to check your elderly neighbors and keep your pets inside!!!!! In the meantime, if you are looking for a yummy winter comfort food recipe, try our newly posted bacon cheeseburger shepherd’s pie. My grandfather LOVES this dinner! Be back in a couple days!

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  1. Karla Klassy-Griffith says:

    Well at least he still has s sense of humor! Thanks for sharing him. Be warm and safe.

  2. I made that shepherds pie last night. My husband loved it. Since it’s just the two of us now we have plenty for another meal. I even halved the recipe. Stay safe in that storm.

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