Are you ready to create an outdoor room?

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Are you ready to create an outdoor room? I am! I started gathering inspiring outdoor room photos last week with our backyard patio in mind. Last summer, we repaired our existing cement patio off the back of our house in an effort to create an outdoor room that my mom would love. This year, we are hoping to add a trellis, pergola or some sort of a covered area that will serve as an extension off of the main house.

outdoor rooms

Pergolas are a great way to add character and visual appeal to any outdoor room. You could leave the pergola simple as shown below or plant climbing vines or roses to create more of a casual cottage feel.

Poolside pergola

poolside pergola

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  1. Oh so many beautiful inspiration photos, Jessica! I am DYING to get outside. We had our deck restored in the the fall – it’s been a total eyesore for the two summers we’ve lived here – and I can’t wait to make it pretty this year (and of course, sit out there on it with friends and a summer cocktail!!) I tell ya, if I see one more snowflake, Mother Nature and I are going to have a fistfight.

    1. Hey Lisa! I agree, the cold weather needs to go away. I thought we were headed for warmth until today!

  2. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

    One inexpensive way to add a “ceiling” to the top of your pergola or screening to any outdoor room is with that mesh ground cover you can buy by the yard at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It comes in black, tan or green. It’s much cheaper and easier to use than actual metal screening (plus it comes in colors). Just measure it to length, add extra at the edges to wrap around some thin wood strips, then pull taut and nail into your frame. That’s how we screened in our porch and it lasted several years through rain storms and heavy winds in Texas. We used black and it really gave us lots of shade, too. It really helped keep most of the mosquitos out so we could eat dinner on the patio in the evenings all during the spring, summer and into the fall.

  3. Love this whole post! I have the perfect space to do this and I can’t wait until it warms up enough to start working on it! Totally pinning. 🙂

    Have a great Easter rock star!

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