ABC World News with Diane Sawyer & the “egg lady” coming to my house today? Whaaaaa?

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Yesterday was just like every other day. Woke up early, battled getting my son dressed, teeth brushed & off to school. Quick stop at the dentist, some random errands, pickup from school, lunch & attempting to address the nasty pile of laundry. I hate laundry!

At 1:59 PM, this comes across my notifications on my computer,

Alice Maggin

Alice Maggin

@4gens1roof I work at ABC News. I’m doing a story abt multigen families. pls email me at xxxx 16 hours agovia webFavoriteRetweetReply
Seriously? A tweet from some lady claiming to work at ABC World News with Diane Sawyer with an “egg” as her twitter profile picture. Great, I’ve got another “egg” following me & sending me crazy messages. Ok spam lady. 

Later, my phone rings

ABC caller ID-1

Long story short, she says to me at the end of the conversation, we would like to come to your house tomorrow and film for the day. Tomorrow as in like, 24 hours from now?

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  1. SAS Interiors says:

    Great story Jessica! I just saw your post on FB – Congrats, how exciting!! I can't wait to hear more about it. xo Jenna

  2. This is crazy!!!! How much fun! Can't wait to see what happens!

  3. I'm so excited for you! And I'd be nauseous too girl but you'll be great. Can't wait to see those pics!

  4. So exciting! Your family will make a wonderful story. Let us know what happens.

  5. Stacy of KSW says:

    Wow Jess, how awesome!! I am so happy for you guys and eager to see your story. I am SOOOOO glad you changed your name 🙂 and that you have such great style … if ABC asked to come over to my house tomorrow … I would die of embarrassment. My house is a wreck right now! So very happy for you, what a great Christmas gift to you from your blog!

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