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40’s + Exercise + Fabulous Outfits

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40’s  + Exercise + Fabulous Outfits. A strange title right? One thing is for sure, the older you get the more stuff changes. I think 40 is actually the new 20 but body changes are kind of a pain as I can’t eat whatever I want like i use too. 

Living with my grandparents and my parents (coming up on 10 years now) has been amazing in the sense that I see the cycle of changes through their age.  My mom told me that she was always a skinny mini until she hit her 40’s and I remember her telling me that she too, experienced body changes.

The bottom line, I can’t eat whatever I want anymore and I have to exercise.

I am going to share some of my favorite outfits throughout the post and I have provided affiliate links (remember that post from earlier this week about affiliate links?) in case you want to shop.

The LOFT is having a 40% off EVERYTHING Sale  (FRIENDS code) so these outfits are all on sale!

PLUS all my boot options are on sale at Nordstrom.

40's Weight Gain + Exercise + Fabulous Outfits

Puffer Blush Vest  | Scarf | Vintage Wash Jeans | Short Sleeve Sweater | Boots (similar mine sold out)

40's Weight Gain + Exercise + Fabulous Outfits

Brown Boots Similar mine sold out


40's Weight Gain + Exercise + Fabulous Outfits

Striped Top  | Cuffed Jeans  | Similar Boots – mine sold out  | Scarf

The trick for me is exercise and watching what I eat. I was amazed yesterday when I had to log my food in the app, what some of the calories added up too. I also went for a 2 mile fast walk and half run. I decided to speed walk some and then run when I felt like I could. 


40's Weight Gain + Exercise + Fabulous Outfits

Striped Sweater | Blush Jeans | Black Boots – Similar  

These Navy Romantic Lace outfits were shared earlier this week but now they are discounted even more!

Romantic Navy Blue Lace Top 40% off

Romantic Navy Blue Lace Top 40% off

Romantic navy blue lace top 40% off

Navy Blue Lace Top  | *Same pants and boots linked above in previous images 

What I ate yesterday:

40's Weight Gain + Exercise + Fabulous Outfits40's Weight Gain + Exercise + Fabulous Outfits

Cuffed Jeans | Similar Boots – mine are old | Top is from Anthropologie last season  (checkout the link, it has some similar options)

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*Disclosure this post contains affiliate links

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  1. Wow, you look very good girl. My hats off to you for being able to stick to your diet. Keep up the good work. Yes, it’s very, very, very hard to take off the FAT that was so easy to put on.

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