3 Reasons to Change Your Air Filter

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Good morning guys! My grandfather was home this weekend and he is doing surprisingly well. I will update you more on him tomorrow. Today, I wanted to share all things, air filters! Do you change the air filters in your house? I wasn’t sure if we did so I asked my dad and he said, “of course we do!” -ha. I really hadn’t ever thought much about changing air filters until Sears Parts Direct asked if we would like to continue being a part of their blogger campaign. You may remember that we had partnered with Sears this past summer for their Sears Home Improvement blogger campaign where we shared several posts related to Home Improvement, one specifically about the benefits of  having your HVAC ready for summer. Do you know what filters look like if you don’t change them? I was actually pretty disgusted when I looked it up online. Just imagine dark heavy fur and dust balls covering your big filter that your circulated air goes through. They are absolutely disgusting if you don’t change them regularly.

3 Reasons to Change your Air Filter 

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HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The bottom line, if you have a heating system and/or an air conditioning system in your home. You MUST change the air filters. 

For me, I have severe allergies so having a clean filter is important. A clean filter means clean air. Watch this quick video and see how to replace your air conditioner filter.





One thing that I didn’t realize that I found out from my dad and from researching online, is that your HVAC system works harder to maintain the temperature in your home if the filter is dirty. That means, the system isn’t working to it’s capacity and eventually, will end up costing you money to repair it. 

3 Reasons to Change your air filters


Did you know that you should replace furnace filters and air conditioner filters at least every 6 months? I had no clue. It makes sense though. All the invisible dust that floats through the air just gets stuck and lives on your filter.  Dirty air filters leave particles like dust, mites, pollen and pet dander in the air, which reduces air quality in your home. For people like me with allergies, that’s not a good thing. Sears Parts Direct has a million parts for hundreds of brands. 

One thing that I am really guilty of is replacing my refrigerator filter. I let it go for months and honestly, it’s because I never think to stop and buy a new filter. The automatic reorder program at Sears is the best solution for people like me! -ha.  

 So after reading how gross your air filters could be, are you ready to replace them?  Sears Parts Direct has top air filter brands at great prices and you can have HVAC air filters delivered right to your home when you need them. Get free shipping with an Automatic Reorder enrollment and order from the comfort of your home. Easy Peasy. If you are unsure of the size to order, this article may help too. To find out more information about the Sears Parts Direct program, check them out their Repair Help Page, their Youtube page and Facebook. 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sears Parts Direct. All opinions and words are 100% my own.

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