Weekend updates {shelving}

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The weekend flew by. I spent all day Saturday at a blogger event in Boston hosted by Wayfair which was fabulous and then met the rest of our family for dinner to celebrate my mom’s 65th birthday. It’s hard to believe she is 65. We managed to squeak out a couple smaller projects that had been hanging over my head. Those little tiny things like hanging curtains. Our master bedroom is just about finished with the exception of wall molding.

weekend project updates

We cut new shelves for the Ikea shelving we purchased for the study to replace the glass inserts. The glass wasn’t tempered and I was worried that the glass would end up shattering at some point so we decided wood shelves would be better.

weekend project updates I am so happy with how the master bedroom is coming out and even more happy that the drapes are up. Hanging curtains is a pain. Fighting with those little tiny wall anchors drives me crazy!

home depot molding

Today I have a friend helping me add the molding to the master bedroom wall so keep your fingers crossed all goes well. It’s a two person job and a bit tedious. All those little 45 degree angle cuts drive me crazy too! ha

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