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Weekend Update – Another blizzard + Skiing + Tubing

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Guess what we have been up to? Hanging out in the snow! It’s not even fun anymore, unless you are a kid. If you live in Massachusetts like we do, the snow (check out my post from last week) has become a daily ritual it seems and we are starting to believe that the snow cloud has been permanently stopped over our state. The old saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them” is where we are at.  Over 85 inches of snow in 2015 to date, some spots in our yard are not even safe to be in as if you fall through, you might be buried. When it finally does melt, hopefully it doesn’t invade our basement.

blizzard 2015 + skiing

You know it’s bad when you need a backhoe to push the snow on to your front lawn so you can see pulling out of your driveway. The snowbanks along the roadside are over 10 feet high and climbing.

blizzard 2015 + skiing

If it wasn’t for my dad’s new toy, the horses would never be able to go outside. Thankfully he has been able to snow blow a small area for them to get outside and stretch their legs. Deep snow is very dangerous for horses as they can get stuck. Our little pony is only 9 hands tall and he is a dare devil so we need to be really careful when he is outside.

blizzard 2015 + skiing

My grandmother finally left the house after being inside for 3 weeks last night.  Of course, it was in the middle of another blizzard. We made plans a couple weeks ago to celebrate my nieces birthday and Valentine’s Day last night not knowing there would be another blizzard. We celebrated at a local Hibachi restaurant and she had a great time, although dragging her through the snow in her wheel chair proved difficult. She said, “it’s been over 50 years since I have been out in a blizzard.” She wasn’t kidding. We ended up moving our reservation to late afternoon yesterday and still ended up driving home in the brunt of the storm. My grandfather was disgusted once again with Mother Nature.

blizzard 2015 + skiing

The kids enjoyed skiing and tubing on Saturday at a local mountain nearby.

blizzard 2015 + skiing + tubing

My son started ski lessons a couple weeks ago and loves it. I am not sure our wallet loves it though……

blizzard 2015 + skiing + tubing

I am a warm weather girl. I am not a fan of cold weather sports but I do enjoy hanging out in the lodge with my laptop and a warm beverage. Sometimes a cold one ;). We are headed back to the  Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont for vacation soon and I am really looking forward to the resort. A warm cozy lodge and an on-site spa is my kind of a cold weather vacation. Happy long weekend!


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