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Update on my grandfather’s leg

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TGIF! It’s been a crazy week that’s for sure. Thank you so much for all your kind emails, messages and comments on the blog post earlier this week about my grandfather’s leg. Some of you may know that his leg has been cramping up causing him to drop to the floor and basically be confined to his recliner or bed. We took him to the doctor and they gave him a stronger muscle relaxer to help with the cramping and spasms. As my grandfather said a couple days ago, “it sucks getting old kid.”

Update on My grandfather's leg

He is still confined to his recliner or bed but he can kind of get around with a walker but he is soooooo slow. It’s like he went from a mobile, spunky 86 year old to a crippled 100 year old :(. He aged years in a matter of one day it seems. I know that sounds crazy but this picture above is how he was last week, walking around with his cane and causing trouble. It’s horrible to see him not be able to walk and get around. I mean, my grandmother is in better shape right now and that’s not saying much. She has been using a walker for years and literally can barely move at times. For him to worse, is just shocking. Keep your fingers crossed that the meds help my grandfather’s leg over the next week. His left leg is much better today and his right leg seems to be getting a little better. He isn’t in tears anymore with pain so that is a plus! I just want him back up and around.  On a happy note, the police station makeover is coming along nicely and if you follow us on facebook, you saw me yesterday making a cornice board that just about killed me. -ha. If you don’t follow us on facebook, click here and “like” our page.

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  1. Linda Mossgrove says:

    WOW! Caring for parents is a tough job, but to see them in pain and fail quickly is horrible. I will continue to keep all of you in prayer. The information was hard to read but the picture of just a short time ago broke my heart. Please remember to take care of yourself too! Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Thanks Linda! I’m so grateful for your thoughts and prayers!

      xo Jessica

  2. Bless your heart and your Gramps and Grams and the rest of your family. My mother in law who was like a mom to me lived with us for the last few years of her life, from age 95 to 97 after we realized her memory was failing her and she was not eating well or caring for herself well and we could not do it from halfway across the country. It was some of the best years for us. I took a sabbatatical and only worked part time and our kids got to really know their Gram. We played games, went out to dinner, she made new friends, and when she was diagnosed with cancer we were blessed to have the help of hospice and she only briefly spent any time in the hospital right after she was diagnosed. It’s a very special gift you are giving and receiving and I’m so glad you are able. Wishing Gramps a happy and healthy recovery and lots of love!

    1. What an amazing gift that you gave your family. I know you treasure every memory that you shared with your mother-in-law. Thanks for the love!

      xo Jessica

  3. Oh sweetie. I know it is so hard to watch the ones we love struggle. Jim’s mom is having serious health issues, and you just want to make it all better!! Prayers. xo Shannon

    1. Shannon… so sorry to hear about Jim’s mom. Thinking and praying for you guys!

      xo Jessica

  4. Terri Hughes says:

    Keeping your Granddad and your whole family in my prayers. Hope he feels better soon. God Bless you all.

    1. Thank you Terri… we are grateful for your prayers!

      xo Jessica

  5. Sorry to hear he still has pain. Hope to see your grandpa up and about soon. I’m sure you miss that mischievous smile of his! As the caretaker you do have to care for yourself as well. Prayers for your family.

    1. You are so right Karla! Thanks for thinking of us!

      xo Jessica

    1. Thanks Amy! We appreciate it more than you know!

      xo Jessica

  6. Juanita in OH says:

    I feel that your grandfather’s smile lights up the world! Tell him I pray that he will continue that practice because it is such a wonderful gift to us seeing his happy face. I’ve been confined to a motorized chair for the past ten years. It all began in the year 2000. I just continued to go downhill; first, a cane, then a walker, then a scooter and finally the chair. I can so relate to your grandfather…even after all this time and mental, occupational and physical therapy I still have anger issues with my pain and inability to get around. I do have so many other blessings in my life and I am still smiling. The greatest blessing is our eight grandchildren and eight great grand’s. Give your grandparents a hug for me and tell them I am praying for all of you. TFS.

    1. Stay strong Juanita! So sorry you are unable to get around. It’s so hard watching a loved one fail. Sounds like you have lots of kids in your life though to keep your spirits lifted :). On a happy note, my gramp is back up and around using his cane and doing well! (knock on wood). Hopefully it stays this way for him.

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