TRY THIS: Install a Water Feature

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No garden is complete without a water feature.  Even a very small bubbling fountain can elevate the simplest flower bed.  We are so delighted with our new water feature–the soothing water noise is so nice that I’ve been wondering if there’s another spot in my yard for a little pond or fountain.  Aside from the aesthetics, I’ve learned that there are some other good reasons to add water to your landscaping.  Water in motion provides one of the best sources of white noise, which can muffle traffic sounds and other noise pollution.  It also attracts wildlife, especially birds and butterflies, which are so good for your soul and your local ecosystem.


Try This:  Install a Water Feature


Clay Pot Bubbler at The Happy Homebodies

Pinterest inspired this cute little flower pot feature.


Container Water Garden at What’s Ur Home Story

In additional to the tutorial for this DIY project, check out the helpful tips on keeping mosquitos out of your water feature.


DIY Patio Water Wall at The Interior Frugalista

This water feature provides a lot of impact and soothing water noise without the maintenance and space required by a horizonal pond or fountain.


Recirculating Fountain Tutorial at Tatertots & Jello

It’s easy to turn a pretty flower pot into a recirculating fountain for a small space water feature.


Our NEW Water Feature

Installation was simple and we love the soothing noise of our garden fountain.


Pond Fountain at Oh My! Creative

Full instructions for installing this minature pond and waterfall in a small space.


Make a Garden Fountain from Anything at Instructables

Love the zen look of stacked stones and trickling water.


Contemporary Garden Pond at The Garden Glove

Cost estimate for this DIY project is under $30!

So what do you think? Are you ready to try adding a new water feature to your flower bed or yard? They had such amazing character and charm, we absolutely love ours.

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