Torn meniscus + surgery {my mom}

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So my poor mom is having surgery today. She tore her meniscus in her left knee a couple months ago and after the pain didn’t go away, she finally went to the doctor a couple weeks ago to have it checked out. A torn meniscus wasn’t what she was expecting to hear. I told her it was time to retire!


I was searching my computer for a picture of my mom and came across this one from last summer while she and my son were having an ice cream party at the pool. OH MY, this makes me long for summer. So she is having surgery today and should hopefully be home later this afternoon. My son is so excited to wait on her……I’m sure his excitement will end quickly when he realizes what that entails. ha. My dad and I will be on horse detail for the next few weeks and her instructions are taped all over the house and the barn ;).

torn meniscus + surgery

I told her she could do spring crafts with me while she is recuperating and I’m not sure she was loving that idea. I don’t ever remember my mom having surgery. In fact, I don’t think she ever has. She has been very lucky, hopefully this will be uneventful and she will recover quickly. From what we have been told, a torn meniscus is fairly common and surgery usually takes care of it. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Wishing your mom a quick and easy surgery and recuperation. My mom had the same surgery on both knees and then knee replacement surgery. She’s running around now like a little kid! My advice is to follow the docs orders re: icing and rehab very strictly. I think they both helped my mom recuperate quickly and fully all 3 times. Best wishes.

  2. i had that same surgery last june…i was expecting to be down for weeks but by the 2nd day i didn’t even need crutches! i did physical therapy for several weeks and that helped tremendously. you do have to take it easy for a while but i’m so glad i had it done and the pain is gone.

    hope your mom does well and takes advantage of “helpers”!

  3. Sharon Bernstein says:

    Hoping for a good recovery for your mom. I agree that following instructions about icing and rehab are so important to a successful healing. Take care.

  4. Monique cote says:

    Give my best to my former Tuesday lunch buddy!!! Feel better Connie!!!!!

  5. I can only imagine that you are very worried about your Mom so I have faith in the good Lord that all will be fine. God Bless your family!

  6. Oh my goodness, I hope your mom’s surgery went well and that she makes a full recovery!

    I hope she’s running around like crazy real soon.
    Take care!

  7. Betsy Saucier says:

    Hope your Mom is feeling better from her knee surgery. It’s tough to be a nurse

    and a patient too!! Say hi to her for me and tell her not to rush back to work!

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