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Tiny Queen Bedroom Project: The Start

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Just stopping in really quick to share our Tiny Queen Bedroom Project that started this week. We are starting to get in a groove here at the new house and while we have a list of rooms on our “to-do” list, many times our room projects are based on products, sales and deals that we find while shopping. My step-daughter’s room happened to jump to the top of the list (this room was not part of the 3 projects I showed you a couple days ago) as I found the most amazing gray and blush bedding at HomeGoods a few days ago. I wasn’t looking for it, in fact I was looking for living room decor, and then this gray comforter literally jumped off the shelf and said “buy me.” I am not kidding. It was on the end isle (it was mixed in with other bedding) and I was looking at it from the candle isle. I almost didn’t even take a closer look because I knew I would get side tracked. I was there for lamps for our family room and maybe a new vase. You guessed, I bought a carriage full of bedding for the girls and never made it back to the decorative accent and lamp aisle. Has that ever happened to you before? 

Tiny Queen Bedroom Project 

Tiny Queen Bedroom Project: The Start

I love all the blush colors out right now and the room is already painted gray so I figure, why not set the room up with the existing paint color for now (save me time of repainting it) and that way, the room is done. We will most likely paint the room a very light mint green (similar to the green color in their last room) this Summer but for now, it will stay gray. 

Tiny Queen Bedroom Project: The Start

In our old house, the girls shared a bedroom and had twin beds. They are 17 years old and have a pretty amazing social life, sports and a job. They come on weekends usually for a night and then they are off doing their own thing.  Soon they will be off to college and I wonder if we will ever see them again? -ha. I remember when I was in college, I came home maybe once a month and that was to eat a home cooked meal, steal food from the pantry, do laundry and get money. 

The new bedroom is below.

Tiny Queen Bedroom Project: The Start

Their new bedroom is about the same size as their old room (see their old bedroom here) but their twin beds took up more space and they didn’t have much room. I asked them if they wanted a queen instead or if they wanted to keep their twins. I told them if they went with a queen, they may end up with a couple makeovers a year and I would use their bed for fun bedding/bedroom makeovers. -ha.  Needless to say, they opted for the queen. As many of you know, we love to change wall color, bedding and decorative decor often so it’s a win win for them. This room also has a set of doors that leads to a small balcony which overlooks the backyard. It has a spectacular view and will be so pretty in the Summer. 

Here is the view from the balcony (from the MLS listing).

Tiny Queen Bedroom Project: The Start - View from the bedroom balcony

Did you see The Winter Wonderland Nor’Easter post from yesterday that showed all the snow and trees down in our yard? It’s hard to believe that this picture above, is the same place as those pictures showed yesterday! It’s amazing how different a place looks during various parts of the year. 

Here is an Instagram Story video (do you follow us on Instagram? Follow us to see daily videos!) showing some of the new bedding in the room.


Tiny Queen Bedroom Project

Tiny Queen Bedroom Project: The Start

The new queen bed was delivered this past week so now I am on the hunt for a headboard. We opted for no footboard as we didn’t want to block the view to the balcony. Footboards also eat up space and space is limited in this room. The dresser and night table from their last room look great in this space (a little big but will be ok) so once we swap out the drapes from the previous owners and hang the new ones, the room will be almost complete. I am also looking for two petite tables for each side of the bed and a slim lined bench. Stay tuned, the tiny queen bedroom project should be complete soon! PS. Want to see more of our new house, view our Our Mediterranean Home page. 

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  1. Jean DiGiacomo says:


  2. I really like that bedding! My daughter has always wanted to have tons of decorative pillows in her room.

    1. Thank you Brenda! I tend to always get too many pillows and end up returning some. Although, I think we are keeping most of these 😉

  3. Audrey Johnson says:

    What a beautiful view from that room. And those doors bring in so much natural light. I bet it is going to look amazing when you are finished. Can’t wait to see the end result. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Audrey! I love the doors too. Looking forward to getting it done and having something to check off the “to-do” list! ha

  4. Pretty, I cannot wait to see the finished room. One of my adult daughters and I went to TJMaxx/ Homegoods today and can’t believe we walked away with nothing. 🙁

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