Northeast snow storm that sent my grandfather packing

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We got buried with almost 28″ of snow this past weekend and the northeast snow storm sent my grandfather packing. I think he told me 5 different times he was moving back to Florida with or without my grandmother. For those of you who are new here, my grandparents live here with me (my family) and my parents. After 30 years of living in Florida, he never in a million years thought he would be back in Massachusetts dealing with his little o’l truck being buried under the snow.

northeast snow storm 2013

Would you believe me if I told you the man tried to help shovel his truck out? He was only outside for 5 minutes before he fell in the snow bank and my husband had to yank him out. He got sent inside after that.

northeast snow storm 2013 I think we got about 28″ but the snow drifts were over 4′ in some areas. Pretty crazy.

northeast snow storm 2013

My mom trying to get to the barn.

northeast snow storm 2013

Thank goodness for the snow blower. Nine hours total over two days, this thing got a work out!

northeast snow storm 2013

My husband and dad trying to break through the snow banks at the end of the driveway. This is one of the advantages of living in a multi generational household, we all help! I cannot imagine my dad and mom doing this alone or vise versa.

northeast snow storm 2013

It’s not often that we have to shovel the snow into the snow blower.  The snow was so high, the snow blower could barely move.

northeast snow storm 2013

My dad said to me, “all you do is take pictures every where you go.” I said, “well, who else is going to?!”

northeast snow storm 2013

Day two, we finally got to the barn to get the stall doors shoveled out. The snow is so deep that the horses can’t even walk around. Not good.

northeast snow storm 2013

Then there is my grandfather, totally annoyed and aggravated he lives in Massachusetts. He thinks he’s moving back to Florida but little does he know, he is stuck here with us. {hehe} He and I will be headed to the VA tomorrow for one of his doctor appointments so I’m sure he will tell me all about not wanting to be here.

northeast snow storm 2013

This northeast snow storm was kind of painful but I guess that’s what happens when you live in New England. We have been spoiled the past couple years so we were due for a big one! Oh on another note, the “Home Sweet Home Giveaway” ends tomorrow night at midnight so if you haven’t entered, we are giving away over $4000 in cash and fabulous prizes. Be sure to check out the giveaway and enter here!




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  1. ValenzMom aka Helen says:

    We thought about your family living up there during this storm – and we heard there’s more to come. Sorry about that. Here in central TX we don’t get snow but every 10 yrs or so. If anything, we get ice. That’s happened 4 times in the 20+ yrs we’ve lived here and it gets bad. Folks always try to go to work when it’s like that!

    It’s funny your Grandfather wanting to move back to Florida though. He’d have to deal with hurricanes and flooding there. We used to live in south TX and that was the problem there. In 1980 Hurricane Allen came through and our daughter was only 8 mos old. Imagine being boarded up in our parents house for 5 days with no electricity in August in TX. It was my husband, me, our baby, my youngest brother, my parents, and my dad’s 81 yr old mother. The baby was cranky, it was hot, dark and all you could hear was that horrible loud wind howling 24 hrs not stop, and the rain lashing the house. Florida would not be MY first choice.

    1. I know! I agree, he had some pretty crazy weather in Florida as well. He’s just crabby because “we made” him come here. ha. He’s not always crabby but he lets us know when he is! I don’t like the cold either, I kind of can’t blame him wishing for 70 degrees and sun right now. Ahhhhh, that sounds nice right about now 🙂

  2. Jessica, your blog wouldn’t be the same without Gramps so he CAN NOT move!!!!!

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