The Game Changing Trash Bag

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Today I am sharing the game changing trash bag. I hesitated when I was asked to write a post on a trash bag. I mean, what am I going to say about a trash bag? We always try to keep our sponsored posts relevant to our blog and if it’s something we don’t use, we normally don’t share it. Of course, there are always exceptions so I figured, why not try the Hippo Sak® bag out. The name actually caught my attention so I figured, why not! I wasn’t sure that there would be enough compelling information to share about a trash bag but boy was I wrong.

Many of you know that we recently moved and a lot of what we packed our items in consisted of boxes and trash bags. Do you know how aggravating it is to have a trash bag full of stuff to only rip open? Or have the bag so full that you can’t lift it so you drag it? What usually happens when you drag a full trash bag? Often times, it rips. 

Well not these Hippo Sak bags. They are thick, soft and have the best handles. Not flimsy and not tearable. I mean, if you took a knife to the bag, of course it would tear, but these Hippo Bags are really tough. 

I thought I would put the bags “toughness” to the test.  I asked the boys to do a trash bag race which they thought was the best idea ever.

They raced 6 times and the bags were still in good shape at the end. No tears, no rips and the handles were still in tact! These are not little boys either. They are 11 years old and rough!

The handles are really big and perfect not only for removing trash and tying up the bag but the trash bag race as well!

Of course you can use the Tall Kitchen Hippo Sak Bags for your garbage barrel inside. I love how tall and sturdy these bags are as we tend to stuff our trash barrel to the brim. They are actually 10x stronger than the competition and that was proved during the trash bag races. The bags also have a red PowerStrip™ at the bottom of the bag that prevents holes, leaks and tears. The fact that the boys feet didn’t go through the bags was very impressive!

We all know what happens when you have a bag that isn’t that sturdy. It tears and all your trash, liquids and food (oh and coffee grounds!) come spilling out as you pull the bag out. Then you curse (like me) and have to clean up the mess.  You can Find Hippo Saks near you  or you can order online at Get Hippo Saks on Amazon. Try them out, I think you will love them as much as I do. All in all, I will definitely be buying these bags again and was super impressed. Be sure to check back later this week for more yard progress. The hydro seed is down and now we are waiting for grass! 


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