Our countdown to Christmas

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Good morning! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was a low key day for us but honestly, we like it that way. We all went out for brunch at a local restaurant and returned home to watch some football and dig out the Christmas decorations. The countdown to Christmas for us, begins Thanksgiving night. My mom and I spent all weekend sorting through decorations and Christmas goodies swapping and borrowing each others items. It’s kind of funny how that works. I think we made four different trips to Target, Michael’s and Home Goods!

After clearing out our family room and rearranging furniture, we were ready to get our tree. I know some of you will shutter at the thought of getting a Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend but it’s a tradition here at four generations one roof to start the countdown to Christmas.  Until my son was born, I always had a fake tree because of my allergies but I don’t know what happened after he was born, my allergies got better. I didn’t grow up with a real tree so venturing out to a tree farm is a fairly new tradition and one I look forward to.

Countdown to Christmas

We ventured out on Saturday morning and enjoyed  browsing through the gift barn and picking out our tree. My son could barely maneuver the tree cart last year but this year, he was a pro.

Choosing a christmas tree

Looking and looking.

Choosing a christmas tree

My dad and stepdaughter spotted the perfect Douglas fir.

choosing a christmas tree


choosing a christmas tree

My dad and the kids. My mom was completely missing in action the entire time we were choosing the tree. Hmmm, can you guess where she was? The gift barn!

Choosing a christmas tree

We settled on the douglas fir and I think it’s the fullest and most perfect looking tree we have ever had. I moved the tree I decorated for the Home Depot style challenge into our dining room to make room for our real tree in our family room.

choosing a christmas tree

Tagged, bagged and loaded in the truck and wouldn’t you know it, we lost my mom. As my dad says, “story of his life.” He is always left sitting and waiting for her. ha! This week I plan on sharing our diy bathroom renovation and decorating our home for Christmas. Our countdown to Christmas has begun! How about you? Have you started your own countdown yet? Tell me in the comments if you have a fake or real tree!



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  1. What a wonderful family tradition! We like getting a real tree too, but my husband is making me wait until Dec. 1 before we go get ours 😉 Oh well, at least he didn’t stop me from decorating early!

  2. I used to have a live tree when the kids were home, now the kids are gone we switched to an artificial tree. The kids come home for Thanksgiving to help decorate it though. They also help with the outside decorations. Love your site!

  3. We always had a real tree growing up, so we have continued to have real trees here. Someone tried giving me a fake tree, but it just made me shudder to think of having a plastic tree. I love real trees! I love how they smell. We didn’t have one last year because we just didn’t get around to it, so I got a real wreath for the smell and decorated it. We didn’t have one the year before that because we went out of town for Christmas. I plan on getting one this year. 😀

    1. You are right, they smell so good! Such a nice smell when they are just brought into the house. Good luck getting your tree this year 🙂

  4. Douglas Firs are the way to go, they last the longest. I’ve also heard if you pour a bit of sprit ing the water it will prolong the trees life. I don’t know if it works, but it’s sorta become a tradition.

  5. What a cute story! I love the whole experience of getting a tree. I don’t always make it out there, but we do try.

    Speaking of which, I’m having a “Family Activities” linky party at my blog this week — I’d love it if you want to come link up! This post or any other holiday family posts would be welcome! I hope you’ll join us.


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