Sunday Weekly Wrap Up My Favorite Things

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Just stopping in to share our Sunday weekly wrap up and some favorite things from the week. These past two weeks have been a little crazy. I started doing a freelance prop styling project for HomeGoods which means I am on the road at the crack of dawn and don’t get home until after 7pm most nights. It’s a bit of a juggling act to say the least between school, after school sports, The Murph Man who needs to be let out every 3 hours because he is peeing all over the place due to meds to get rid of his hives and throw in the chaos surrounding my grandparents……it’s kind of crazy. My parents both still work full time so needless to say, it’s not easy. I thank god though every day for my parents because without them, working outside the home would be tough. My dad leaves work many times to pickup my son after school and then my gram babysits. Although, I am not sure who is babysitting who. -ha. My mom drops my son off at school every morning on her way to work and that is SOOOO helpful. My husband works over an hour from home about 60+ hours a week so needless to say, he isn’t around much. It takes a village for sure to operate these days with everything that goes on in our lives.

My Favorite Things Sunday Wrap Up

My grandfather is still going to camp during the day which is a HUGE help because he needs to be supervised 24/7 and if we didn’t have camp to pick up the slack during the day, I am not sure what we would do. Honestly, growing old isn’t easy. It’s literally like having another toddler that you need to find babysitting for. He can’t be left alone so there are so many factors involved now, it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes. BUT, we wouldn’t have it any other way because we want to keep him out of a nursing home for as long as possible.

My Favorite Things Sunday Wrap Up

My son is almost as tall as her! -ha

My gram is chugging along but she definitely has spells of what seems to be depression. I wouldn’t blame her for being depressed. She barely can walk and her husband is failing quick. Her health has never been good, in fact, she told me the other day, she can’t believe she is still here based on all the operations and health scares she has had over her entire life. She is definitely a mess when it comes to her health. The warmer weather is coming though so hopefully being able to sit outside and get some fresh air will be good for her.

My Favorite Things Sunday Wrap Up

Our Murph Man has been hitting the East Coast and kicking butt in the AKC dog shows. He has only been in three shows and is pretty close to being a finished champ. I am not very savy in the dog show world so I leave that stuff up to his breeder and handler. He is already a champ in our eyes!

My Favorite Things Sunday Wrap Up

It’s so funny to see him so poised and grand in these pictures because in real life, he is an absolute LUNATIC! -haha. A big 140 lb puppy that loves to counter surf, eat socks and tear up the yard. He is craaaaaaaaazy with an insane amount of energy. BUT the biggest cuddle love bug on the planet.

This outfit is one of my favorite things. When I work outside of the house doing Prop Styling, I need to be comfortable but still look presentable. I would love to show you via video, just how crazy it is working as a Prop Stylist. I literally fill 15 foot U-Haul trucks full of merchandise for days and then style out rooms to be photographed. I think the entire process would be so fun to share with all of you! It’s chaos but a controlled chaos. -ha. You can see some of my previous  Prop Styling projects here.

My Favorite Things Sunday Wrap Up

Get the look: Skinny Jeans | Keds 

My hands and face look completely deformed in this picture. I am not sure what happened! -ha

This lift staircase was constructed by my friend Jake at Paramount Wood Working and it’s the absolute coolest project ever. Isn’t this amazing? Do  you remember Jake from the Police Station makeover we did last year in April? He is the one who made the custom kitchen cabinets for the break room at the station.

My Favorite Things Sunday Wrap Up

The box contains my new desk from Birch Lane and it’s been sitting in my foyer for over a week and I haven’t had two seconds to open it. I have partnered with ATGStores, Birch Lane and Minted to do an office makeover so stay tuned, a Modern Farmhouse Office will be happening soon in my new studio above our garage.

My Favorite Things Sunday Wrap Up

That about wraps up the week here and my favorite things. I have another busy week coming up working at HomeGoods and then we are opening the camp next weekend! Now that …..I am excited for!

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  1. You are busy. Love your dog. We have 2 140lb. Labs. I know what you mean by crazy. I just wanted to say that you are so wonderful to live and love your parents and grandparents like you do.. That is what life is about . It is hard to look at the people we love going down hill. Stay positive.

  2. It is wonderful that your multi generation family is together! We retired to Arizona, but after five years we returned to Minnesota to be with our chuldren and grandchildren! We live four miles apart. Every day is a true joy! It is great that it has worked out so well for us. i wish the same for other families!

  3. Juanita in OH says:

    Jessica, I get tired just READING you posts! You are an amazing woman. I can’t wait to see all the new projects coming up. In the photo of your grandparents they look great. Your grandmother and I must be twins. I have the same kind of health and, not being able to get around makes me feel so useless. I really HATE being confined to a chair…it’s like what I imagine prison to be. But, I always remember that it could be so much worse. Those thoughts make me feel better and snap out of it. Some of the best advice I have is never stop moving if you can fight it. Blessings to all and TFS,

    1. Thank you Jaunita and you too stay positive! You are right, getting out and staying as active as you can is best. We are trying to get her out and about, even if it’s just for a ride to get coffee but it’s not easy with so many different schedules going on. Have a great night 😉

  4. Wow! I thought my life was busy but young lady your life is overwhelmed. Please stay strong and remember to get some rest in between everything that you do. God Bless you and your family.

  5. So glad to see that your grandpa has his color back. He looked a little pale, but y’all take care of him splendidly. Keep up all the good work.

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