It’s PARTY time with ThistlewoodFarms at Joss & Main

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Do you all know Miss Thistle from Thistlewood Farms? Her real name isn’t Thistle, it’s Kari Anne. I just call her Thistle. I don’t even know why? Well, this girl and I have become besties over the years and blogging is what brought us together. Oh and our accents, her southern and my Bostonian make for an interesting conversation. It took me weeks to figure out what she was saying when we first starting talking on the phone. She is partnering with Joss & Main tonight for their all things holiday party and I promise, she will be a rockstar host! I know she went shopping today for that special outfit. She’ll tell you she didn’t but I know she did ;).

thistlewood I hope you dance

This girl can tell a story like nobody’s business. She can tell the cutest little story about a piece of paper and you leave the story saying, “awww that was so cute!”  She lives in the south in a beautiful farmhouse and her kids are the most polite little cherubs on this planet. When I call her house, they answer the phone with the same long introduction and I giggle every single time. I know those kids say, “mom, who is that loud girl with that weird accent?”

thistlewood Joss and Main Sale

So are you ready? Head over to Joss & Main right now to see all Thistle’s fab holiday pics! Joss & Main has gorgeous home decor items at HUGE discounts so hurry before items are sold out. I can’t wait to see what that rockstar Thistle is wearing!

PS. don’t worry if you don’t have an account at Joss & Main, click here and you can sign up under my invite. I do get credit if you sign up ;).

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