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Painted Pumpkin Ideas

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We are decorating our home in preparation for the Fall Home Tour that starts this week and we decided to create a vignette on our sofa table displaying painted pumpkins. I had a little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint left over from our night table project so we decided to use up the paint on the pumpkins. My little man thought this was a pretty fun project.

painted_pumpkins_vignette collage

Painting pumpkins is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add different colors to an autumn themed room. I think the old white, duck egg blue and linen gray look fabulous on the pumpkins. I did end up spray painting one of the old white colored pumpkins gold. Our color scheme this fall is lavender and gold so by spray painting the pumpkin, it allowed me to incorporate a touch of gold on this sofa table.

painted pumpkins vignette

Once the pumpkins were dry, I sprayed each one with clear high gloss spray by FolkArt. The tripod table lamp, which I will show you more of this week during our fall home tour, is from Wayfair. We just received it, compliments of Wayfair, and I must say I LOVE it! It coordinates perfectly with our other tripod floor lamp on the other side of this room.

painted pumpkins vignette

Here are a few painted pumpkins I found over at Better Homes and Gardens last week while I was looking for vignette inspiration.

green painted catipillar pumpkin

Both the painted caterpillar and acorn pumpkins were my favorite.






caterpillar pumpkin / acorn  pumpkin / boo pumpkin / striped pumpkin

As you can see, there are so many things you can do with paint and a pumpkin. So head out to your local pumpkin patch or farmers stand and get some pumpkins to paint. Kids will love this project.

built in bookcase autumn decorating



The beautiful thing about paint is that you can use it on just about anything when decorating. What I love about this chalk paint is that it has a built in primer. The paint dried within 10 minutes. Painted pumpkins are the perfect solution when looking to accessorize a space with hints of autumn. PS. The cute chalk board sign is from HomeGoods and I downloaded the autumn sign template over at Nest Of Posies and printed on white card stock.



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  1. it looks so good, Jess! such beautiful colors too!

    loving that you group it together with the sign. thanks for the shout out!

  2. I love these painted pumpkins. I just bought some Annie Sloan paint last week to paint some cabinets. I am very tempted to paint some pumpkins before my cabinets! Going to find the sign now too!

  3. Love your Fall vignette, Jessica! Your painted pumpkins are fabulous … the new tripod lamp looks great and what a fun printable! Look forward to seeing more ….

    1. Thank you Becca! I am headed over to you right now while I have 2 seconds to see what you have been up to in your beautiful home!

  4. Love this. Where did you get that chalkboard easel? And what colors did you use to paint it??

  5. any other chalk paint brand that doesnt need sanding for furnitures, or is it just anne sloan?

  6. Joannie Nichols says:

    I know several people who spray painted their pumpkins and the gases build up inside and it will explode. Make sure to use craft pumpkins.

    1. I was researching online to see if anyone has ever spray painted the inside of a pumpkin, because I had an idea for this year’s pumpkin contest, which entailed spray painting the inside. After visiting nearly every single page on the internet regarding this topic, I only found ONE, just One person who commented on this craft, and it was Joannie Nichols. Ms. Nichols states, “I know several people who spray painted their pumpkins and the gases build up inside and it will explode. Make sure to use craft pumpkins.”

      After reading, this I became disappointed, because my entire pumpkin carving was based on having to paint the inside of my pumpkin. Seeing that she was the only person who ever commented on this topic online, and she herself states that she has no experience of doing this on her own, I decided to do it anyway.

      I am ecstatic to report, that Ms. Nichols is absolutely, 100% wrong. Frankly, I am upset that she even posted this, because it took me hours of researching to see if her comment had any basis, and I could not find anything. There was no “explosion” there was nothing, but a beautifully painted pumpkin.

      I am also excited to report that I won our building’s pumpkin carving contest again, two years in a row!

      If anyone want’s to ask me any questions or see pictures, please feel free to email me at rmb3933 @ aol (dot) com

      1. Hey Rachael,

        I’m sorry to say but Joannie is actually right. however, She’s talking about something completely different however than what you’re talking about. She means if you paint the entire outside of the pumpkins without any puncture holes the gas from the decomposing pumpkin will build up inside until the pressure can’t be contained and it will explode. To avoid this you just have to drill a small hole or two to let the gas escape. But painting the inside of pumpkin is completely different because the pumpkin is already open and gasses won’t be contained under pressure, it’s simple physics.

  7. Hi Jessica!
    I’m a fan of simple and I absolutely love the paint colors you chose for your pumpkin vignette 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that I’ve included them in my round-up of Halloween ideas posted on my blog today.
    Have a great weekend!

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