Our Saturday night family dinner

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Happy Monday everyone! Our weekend was pretty low key. We hung out and watched the Super Bowl and my mom made dinner (actually she got takeout from UNO’s) on Saturday night. Our Saturday night family dinner is a regular occurrence around here. It’s my moms deal, she either cooks or orders takeout for everyone. My brother, sister-in-law and niece are also here so there is usually twelve of us. I snapped some pictures with my cell phone that I posted on instagram over the weekend so I thought I would share them with you here on our blog. My dad is dieting so here he is, getting his rabbit food as he calls it.

multi generational family dinners

Meet my brother Jon and my sister-in-law, Sonia.

multigenerational saturday family night dinners

Saturday nights are a big family night around here. My mom (even when we didn’t live here) always had a family dinner on either Saturday nights or Sunday for everyone. I recently just spent the weekend with my college roommates and one of them asked, do you still have a Saturday night family dinner? At least once or twice a month during college, my roommates and I (all six of us) would drive to my parents for a big family dinner (and some money!).

multigenerational family dinner on saturday night

The pizza and yummy salad cheered up my grandfather. His cat is 15 years old and not doing well so he is very upset about his best friend. His cat named “Friday” is I think, the most important thing in his life so hopefully the cat sticks around for a few more years. I don’t know what he will do if his cat has to be put to sleep. Ugh. That is a story for another day.

This is our big guy Garth, after his big o’l Saturday night dinner. Our animals have the life let me tell you. Anyway, I am curious, do any of you have big Saturday or Sunday dinners with your family?

multigenerational family dinner

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  1. We live with our daughter and her family and take our meals together. After we moved and settled in with them we instituted “Friday Movie Night” with the grandchildren. After baths the kids come to our basement apartment (no parents allowed) for a treat and a movie we pick out together. For as long as they have an interest in this (the oldest is only six), parents get a break or can go out on a date, we are building memories, and Mamaw, Papaw and the kids have something to look forward to at the end of a busy week.

    1. Hi Betsy! I love that idea! I’m sure your daughter enjoys her time to herself. Your grandkids will surely remember these memories. Fun times 🙂

  2. Alicia Clinton says:

    I have often wondered if we could eventually do this. I know my maternal grandparents aren’t doing very well and probably shouldn’t live on their own anymore and my folks well my dad was forced to retire because of health and I know seeing his grandsons would totally cheer him up more then medicine. I will continue to pray cause not a one of us is anywhere near financially able to do this but I feel it coming. Thanks for some inspiration and insight, such neat ideas and now I know we wouldn’t be alone.

    1. Hi Alicia. You wouldn’t be alone. You would be amazed at the people who email me who are doing this same style of living or are about to. The key to success for us, is personal space and limiting the amount of “shared” space. Does that make sense? Having more than one fridge is also important 🙂

  3. We are fortunate enough to live within 10 minutes of both of our children and their families. Also my parents, who moved here about 5 years ago. Every weekend we get together one night to eat and do a family Bible Study. We take turns so each family gets to take their turn hosting. Our only rule was…nothing fancy. And we all help clean up. After living for almost 30 years having to fly to see my parents, it’s nice having them so close. Plus, the rest of the extended family comes around more often. 🙂

    1. Sounds like fun Nancy! I think that when everyone chips in and helps things go smoother. Sounds like you guys have a good thing going 🙂 Enjoy!

  4. ….totallly NOT a DIY question….

    What type dog is Garth? Is he a mastiff?

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