Our playroom to a study makeover begins

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Do you have a designated playroom? We kind of do. It use to be my mom’s formal living room but now it’s a designated tv room where all the toys live. It has no style what so ever and is a hodge podge of furniture, random bookcases and old drapery. The fireplace is original to the house and is in for a serious makeover. I’ve been pinning up a storm and scouring the internet for ways to bring this fireplace into the modern world. I plan on converting this playroom to a modern stylish study.

playroom with outdated fireplace

One of the biggest issues, at least for me, is the venting system on the fireplace. They are SO ugly.

playroom makeover before

The main goal for the room is to reface the fireplace while still exposing the existing stone, build custom book shelves on either side of the fireplace as well as built-in’s around the tv. I also plan on building (if cannot find an inexpensive desk) a desk for my son to do homework and add some new furniture. I am thinking an apartment sized sectional. The leather sofa and matching arm chair (in another room) are in fabulous condition so I plan on selling them and using the money to purchase something more practical for the room. Would anyone like to buy them?

playroom makeover

I am thinking that the stairway wall will be a perfect place for a saw horse or industrial style desk. This room will be more like a study when I am finished with it. The goal is to get all of the toys out of sight and behind “closed barn style door” built-ins.

playroom makeover tv wall

So many toys that need to be donated and tossed away. I cannot believe how fast this stuff just piles up. Thankfully, my son is starting to understand now that if you wants new things, he must donate the old things he  doesn’t play with anymore. Although, he doesn’t always understand that concept! ha. Another goal for the room is to add shelving where he can display all of his lego creations. Do you know how much space those things take up? They are everywhere! Of course, every time I move them, they break and chaos ensues. Those little creatures drive me crazy. This playroom conversion to a modern study will most likely get under way in a couple weeks. I’m working on my dad and getting him ready to help me with the fireplace project. He’s not convinced yet that the fireplace is outdated. Don’t you agree, the fireplace needs some style?

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      1. Thanks for the idea! Yes, Arizona is a bit warm for a fireplace but everyone should have one for ambiance 🙂

    1. Oh I definitely think some added wood to give it a rustic touch is a great idea. You are right, it will certainly beef it up and I needs that 🙂 Thanks for the link, very pretty!

  1. Jessica, can’t wait to see what you do with this room! Yes, I think that fireplace will look great with a little makeover and some built ins. The barn doors sound fab too! Boy, do the toys pile up. Just went through our kids’ playroom today with them and sorted toys and books to donate. A big job! 🙂

    1. Thanks Danielle! Sometimes I’m the one who has a hard time parting with his toys. I get sentimental over some of the things and remember back to when he got them and how much he loved them. I remember getting rid of all the Thomas the train stuff. I think I kept it a year longer then needed b/c I couldn’t part with it! ha.

  2. Sounds like you have some good ideas. If you get shelves with doors, then you can hide the toys away when you don’t want to see them.

    Maybe check with a fireplace company, perhaps they can re-route the vents and even if there were no matching stones underneath, you could always fake some and paint it.

    I look forward to seeing the after 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica! I am hoping to just cover those vents. We don’t use the fireplace that often but if we do, it’s not really for heat so I think we will plug them up! 🙂

  3. Jessica-Do you need the vents in order to use the fireplace? You could build a mantel over them and if you need the vents I’m sure someone could re-route the vents or something. I personally love the stone surround. I stripped the white paint off of my fireplace so that I could love on the original 1885 brick!

    I can’t or don’t know how to attach a picture so e-mailed you a few photos of my fireplace with a large wood rustic mantel and surround bookshelves.

    Good luck-

  4. Re the lego problem: make a lego table. seriously: your son will love it, and as long as it’s in a spot where he loves to play, he’ll use it. we took an old, square coffee table with a shelf underneath (from ikea), and used contact cement to attach base plates (we used four x-large grey ones) to it (we tried various glues which didn’t work), and bought plastic bins to sort the lego, which are stored on the shelf below the table. i’ve also seen on line where a larger table has plain baseplates glued down around the edge, with removeable/repositionable plates in the middle, so that the road baseplate, etc can be rearranged. it has solved our lego “problem” by about 90 %.

    ps–i love your blog!!!

    1. Thanks Wilma! I cannot wait until we have an organized “something” for the legos 🙂

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