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Our Kitchen Renovation Series {installing hood vent}

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Just popping in real quick to share the next phase of our kitchen renovation series which entails installing the hood vent. As many of you know, we partnered with Masterbrand Cabinets featuring their Diamond line on this renovation and we are thrilled to be half way through! One of the biggest obstacles we encountered was we removed the old cabinets we realized that the old hood vent ductwork ran on top of the old cabinets. The problem was, our new cabinets were substantially taller and there was no room to run the ductwork for the stove hood. Yikes! This is common when doing a renovation in an old house, once you start ripping out old stuff, you never know what you will find behind the walls!

As you can see in this picture below, the old ductwork was sitting right on top of the hood and old cabinets, hidden by the old crown molding.

DIY Kitchen Renovation {ripping out old cabinets}. Bye Bye 1960's kitchen

After going back and forth with my dad on this issue (he wanted to run it inside the new cabinets …..UMMMM NOOO!) we decided to go “up” with the new duct work requiring us to go into the ceiling. His concern was that there may not have been enough room and then we would have torn the ceiling out. I knew running the ductwork inside the cabinets was not an option so my opinion was to just rip open the ceiling and deal with it, right? Doesn’t that make sense?

Our kitchen renovation series {installing hood vent}

Long story short, there was enough room but it wasn’t without creating an insane mess. We had to remove a few support beams and reinforce stability in different areas, making room for the new ductwork. That was a win in my book!
Our kitchen renovation series {installing hood vent}-14

We saved our old metal hood as it was industrial looking (I spray painted it silver) but it’s super heavy and a little warped. The goal all along was to save it but once we removed it, we realized that it was not that easy to reinstall.  We needed muscle for this one and finally after an hour of trying to make it fit properly, it was secure.

Our kitchen renovation series {installing hood vent}-15

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At the end of the day, our cabinets were not filled with ductwork and all was good! Stay tuned, our kitchen renovation series continues with the install of the new cabinets in a few days! Follow us on instagram for sneak peeks of the kitchen. Will be sharing this week!

Disclosure: Our DIY kitchen renovation series is sponsored by MasterBrand Cabinets. I did receive complimentary product however, all opinions and words are 100% my own. 


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