No way are you paying for my groceries

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Who wouldn’t love it if someone offered to pay for their groceries? My grandparents generation cannot for even a second, accept a small monetary gesture without having a melt down. Literally. My grandfather is a little more willing to accept these things but my grandmother is totally against it. Last week, we got hit with a snow storm on Friday and this Monday as well. I took my son Monday, there was no school, before the storm hit and did my grandparents grocery shopping for them. My grandfather usually does their shopping on Saturday but because of the snow, he wasn’t able to go. If you follow us on facebook, you saw a funny update about this a couple days ago and my grandfather busting my chops about posting his melt down on “that blog!” -ha

no way are you paying for my groceries

My son pushed their shopping cart and filled it with all the items on the list and I did our shopping with a different cart.

This was actually fun for my son, he enjoyed trying to figure out my grandmother’s chicken scratch (her writing is so hard to read) and find the stuff on the list.

When we got home, my son lugged in all their groceries up to their refrigerator and said, “here you guys go, I did your shopping!” He was so proud ;).

no way are you paying for my groceries

My grandparents were so appreciative and when I told them, the groceries were on me, they just about lost their minds. I kind of knew they would but I just left and said, “bye!” haha. They have their own space in the garage area that we converted for them and our interior kitchen door leads to their space so I quickly escaped! ha. An hour later, my grandfather decided to come hang out with me and made me sit at the kitchen island as he shared the ideals of life as he sees it and the fact that while my gesture was kind, he couldn’t accept it. I told him, “gramp, I would have no problem letting you buy my groceries. -ha” He didn’t think that was very funny and threw the money at me. I mean, it wasn’t like I was trying to pay for a thousand dollars worth of groceries. The bill was only $73.26. I know what happened, my grandmother made him come give me the money because she can’t accept even a dollar from someone. My grandfather is a little more willing but they both share the same mind set. They view it as a hand out and in their world, that isn’t a good thing. I think it makes them feel like they can’t support themselves. I don’t know about them. Lifes lessons I guess for older generations.

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL pic of your grandpa…..I just love your folks. It was and still is a “different generator” so honorable! Say hi for me!

  2. I definitely understand both sides here! BUT, if you are a Christian, here is how I look at it – God chooses to bless us in many different ways. When someone denies you giving them something or helping them in some way, they are also denying you receiving a blessing by giving. Do your grandparents really want to deny a blessing for you and also that God was trying to bless them. We have to be willing to receive graciously and cheerfully as well as give graciously and cheerfully! thanks for the posts!

    1. I completely agree and yes, we are Christian πŸ™‚ My grandparents see things differently as long as the monetary amount is small, like a cup of coffee or a donut. haha. They have no problem with my buying that! haha. $74.26 is WAY too much according to them but I will try again. haha. Next time the bags will just show up and it will say from Santa πŸ˜‰

    2. Susan Hicks, I used to tell my mother that all the time….”you’re denying me a blessing!” lol I think it’s the generation they were borned into that has something to do with it.

  3. Such a precious gesture by you!!!!! What a sweet granddaughter you are.
    I am younger than your grandparents, but, not by alot.
    I know, when my daughter pays for my lunch, I love it, but I feel guilty.
    I wait for the right moment and do something nice for her.

    You guys just make me smile.

    1. Hi, that is so great your daughter is close and you guys can spend time together. I am the same way with my parents, we like to treat each other. I guess it’s important to treat each other from time to time so that we all feel good right? I think my grandparents generation is just sooooooo different than my parents, mine and WAY different than the kids generation that the gap is really noticed the further out you get.

  4. My parents were the same way. People raised in The Great Depression! My mom always said parents are suppose to pay for their children. Even when our income went way beyond theirs, they still “paid their own way” as they said. However, I will point out that my grown children don’t mind a bit when we pick up the tab.ha!

  5. On the flipside of that, if and when im shopping with my aunt and i SEE an item i admire, that is a ‘request’ for her to buy the item. Go figure⁉️⁉️⁉️

  6. I can definitely relate! My dad was in the hospital and skilled nursing for 19 days. I had to grocery shop and go to Costco for them because my mom also wasn’t feeling well. I also said I would just pay for it, but they didn’t like that either, and they wrote me a check.

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