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This blogging thing is kind of funny, the opportunities that present themselves are ones that I would have never dreamed about almost four years ago when I first started blogging. I have recently partnered with Ebay where I will be contributing to their site sharing “how to” guides and collections featuring products related to my guide. Kind of fun right? I have yet been able to explain to my gram how Ebay works but one these days, it might sink in ;). My grandparents generation and even my parents generation …..heck even half of my generation didn’t involve the internet never mind buying stuff online. So this concept especially to my grandparents is completely foreign.

I have three guides that I would love for you to check out.

This whole Ebay thing is kind of new so I would love some feedback! 

First up, “smoothie essentials everyone should have”

smoothie must haves

Second, “How to have an ice cream party” *I am in LOVE with the stainless steel ice cream maker!

ebay how to ice cream party

Third, BBQ Essentials to make grilling summer meals fun.

EBAY bbq essentials

Click the links above and come on over and say hello!

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