My gramps response to our This Old House magazine {feature}

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This Old House recently mentioned our family in their July issue “letter from the editor” section . My gramps response when he saw this,


This Old House feature

my gramps, “Hey, where is my picture?”

Four Generations Living under one roof


I couldn’t help but laugh at him which made him look at me like this,

Four Generations Living under one roof


He and my dad are always rolling their eyes at me about the blog, projects, my constant picture taking in middle of projects, and basically anything that has to do with the internet and the computer. Their response when they saw me packing for the Haven Conference last week, “whaaaat! you are going where? For what?” They just don’t get it. However, when something like this happens or when ABC World News contacted us, they all of a sudden want to be involved! They get that part of it! 🙂 hehe.

I told my gramp, “well maybe someday your picture will be in a magazine.” He said, “well I’m 83, they better hurry up!” So silly isn’t he? So if someone wants to feature an 83 year old grampa, I think, I know, he would look like this,

four generations living under one roof

I wonder what he is going to think when I show him this post?   🙂

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  1. Your gramps is cute!

    Congrats on the magazine mention. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Oh, I just love this!!! What a great feature of your grandpa, Jessica!! Touches my heart ♥

    1. Haha Kristy 🙂 He’s a hoot, that’s for sure! Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Mary Tavolieri says:

    Too funny, he oughta be in pictures with a mug like that!! How much fun is he???

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